White, Grey and Black Hat Lawyer SEO

Sometimes SEO can be a little boring. Especially when we try and explain white, grey and black hat tactics. Today we have notable TV lawyer personalities to give us a brief synopsis of what you should and should not be doing to your website (as well as those tactics that are questionable).

Disclaimer: There isn’t really a central location or authority on what is deemed acceptable SEO for lawyers or unacceptable. In general tactics that attempt to deceive regular web users and manipulate rankings in an effort to spam the internet are frowned upon by search engines.

matlockWhite Hat SEO

There are many different viewpoints and definitions for white hat SEO but in general it is the practice of using methods to optimize a website for search that also enhance the user experience. Tactics like getting earned backlinks, developing well written and researched content, and maintaining best practices for web page architecture are examples of white hat SEO. In general, an attempt to make a website be in the best position to be found in search while enhancing the user experience at the same time is considered white hat.

harvey-spectorGrey Hat SEO

Like many other things in this world, it’s hard to say that there are definitely practices in SEO that are acceptable and definitely ones that is not. Grey hat SEO is a term coined to describe those practices that aren’t blatantly deceptive or underhanded but are heading in that direction. For example submitting articles that contain links to your site to hundreds of blog sites where you have accounts could be considered grey hat if the content were helpful to users in some way.

saul-goodmanBlack Hat SEO

These are practices that are outright deceptive and create a poor user experience as a result. It has become much harder to use some of the more well-known practices. Some common examples of popular tactics that don’t really work anymore include hiding keywords irrelevant to website content by changing their color, stuffing tons of keywords into the keyword meta-tag, buying links from link exchange sites, cloaking or sneaky redirects among many other tactics.  View our breakdown of Saul’s website onpage SEO.

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