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With caseloads, court dates, and ever-changing precedents challenging an attorney’s daily calendar, marketing their firm typically takes a backseat to implementing justice. Thankful for that approach and steadfast determination, Attorney Rankings provides attorneys with successful Internet marketing services for reaching prospective clients online. View our Internet marketing services for lawyers:

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Attorney Rankings is a lawyer-specific website design agency. Our team of designers have mastered the art of web design for the legal industry vertical.

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SEO for Law Firms – How to Choose the Right Agency

The search engine optimization profession is brand new, highly un-regulated and wrought with sham companies that make promises and don’t deliver.  It’s also a highly technical practice so lawyers don’t always know the difference between genuine professionals and fly-by-night agencies with smooth-talking sales professionals.  If you’re looking for someone to help market your site in search, here are some tips on choosing the right agency.   Ask for a Referral A sure-fire way to have a good experience with an SEO is to use one that a colleague, friend or family member has had a good experience with.  This way you can get an un-varnished look at what that professional was able to do, the results they achieved and the trusted opinion of your close contacts. Get References (and follow up on them) You should always interview a few companies before going with one and part of that process should include asking for references.  Get the names of 2 -3 or more other law firms or businesses that the SEO has done business with and call them up (with permission of course).  Be specific in your questions about references as well.  Don’t just ask for who the law firms are that the SEO has done work for but what they were supposed to/able to accomplish for them.  That way you’ll have something to talk about and verify if the person is honest. If the person doesn’t have a lot of references or none at all, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but proceed with caution.  Depending on how critical the work you need done is to your business, you... read more

Lawyer Infographics as Link Bait

Sometimes link building is about getting people to naturally link to your content.  In a previous post on link building tactics , we touched on the concept of building an infographic as link bait but we didn’t really elaborate on a strategy to do that.  This post is all about how to make an infographic and use it to get links to your website. The Concept The idea here is pretty straight forward.  People like to share visual things like videos and images.  They are inclined to share media that are entertaining or (in the case of infographics) useful information that is easy to digest. You can take data that is otherwise bland and boring and turn it into an appealing infographic that your clients or other followers will find useful.  The link building comes in when you provide them a mechanism for sharing it on their own web properties (which we’ll get to in a moment). Creating Your Infographic There are two ways to go about this.  You can either make an inforgraphic yourself (not impossible and easier than you might think) or you can have someone make one for you.  There’s no shame in hiring out the work just keep in mind that it will cost more. If you plan on doing the work yourself you can use one of the many services out there that help regular users build appealing infographics for a nominal fee (and sometimes for free).  Here’s a brief list of services you could try: •Vizualize • •Pictochart •Easel.ey •Google Developer Make sure you have some data or other information that will be useful... read more

Evaluating Lawyer SEO Services: A Checklist

Interviewing companies to do SEO work can be a tedious process for attorneys.  What questions do you ask?  How can you always remember to ask the same questions of different companies?  We’ve developed a checklist you can use when interviewing potential search marketing and optimization professionals. Does the company have a portfolio of work? References are great but check if your potential SEO firm or freelancer has some real results.  Ask for some sites they’ve optimized and what the goals were for those clients.  It’s even better if they have it written down somewhere on the web.  Check to see if they were really able to do what they claimed they did. Have you gotten more than one opinion? There are multiple schools of thought when it comes to SEO just like there are different approaches to medicine or legal representation.  Just because one person or company has an opinion about your site doesn’t mean that is the final word.  Get an analysis or an opinion from a few professionals before you make a choice on who to go with. What is their value proposition? What is the first thing an SEO firm is promising (either in their marketing or when they call to talk with you)?  Is their first focus on driving up traffic and rankings?  Are they talking about this as if that is the goal of their activities in search?  Obviously this is the first part of the equation but lawyers also need the phone ringing or new business contacting them in some way.  The businesses that are focusing on conversions are the ones to listen... read more

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