Why You Should Consider Accepting A Membership Invitation To The National Trial Lawyers

| May 03, 2014

national-trial-lawyersAs an attorney you can get high-value inbound links to your site while also enhancing your social proof.  If you have received an invitation to The National Trial Lawyers, you might want to consider accepting it.

Get A Topical Relevant Backlink

As part of your acceptance you are added to their membership directory which means having your name, firm name, contact info and a link to your website placed on The National Trial Lawyers website.  Click here to see an example of a membership directory profile. Topically relevant backlinks offer more of an impact for search because they help users get more useful information.

For instance a user might be on The National Trial Lawyer’s website looking for legal information.  Links to attorneys that could help are very useful to visitors.  Search engines assume this because the content on the site being linked to is similar to the one where the link was placed.  The site is also at a PageRank of 4.

Increase Social Proof And Conversions

The number one thing that kills conversions is trust.  When people have a lack of faith in a firm or an attorney (or their website), they are less likely to perform the actions you want them to.  You can build trust with visitors by providing them with signals.  Of course your site should be well-designed and laid out in the first place but joining The National Trial Lawyers allows you to put a badge on your site showing your affiliation with the organization.

More linking Opportunties

As a part of National Trial Lawyers, you also have the opportunity to participate in their blog.  This is great for exposure and positioning yourself as an authority in your practice area.  It’s also good for the placement of more links leading back to your website.

There are also a lot of other benefits of membership including a referral program, a personal profile page, and invitations to events hosted by National Trial Lawyers.  At the time of this writing, inclusion into National Trial Lawyers is about 300 dollars per year.