Why Law Firms Need an Individual Attorney Profile Page for Their Site

| September 10, 2014

about-usLaw firms and the attorneys that run them are often built on reputation. For that reason, an about section is an important part of a website both for users and for search engines. Many firms have multiple attorneys on the same about page which diminishes the effectiveness of that content and in particular for SEO. When it comes to the content of a page, the more focused it is, the more relevant a page will be to that topic.


I see a lot of firms who have more than one attorney on an about page. Having your page configured in this way makes you lose out on being able to rank well for individual attorney names (something that should be relatively easy to do).
When all attorneys in the firm are on the same page you can’t:

• Put the name of a single attorney in the title of the page
• Put the name of the single attorney in the meta description of the page
• You can apply structured data but it won’t be focused on a single person
• You can’t link a single author profile from Google plus
• You can’t put a single attorney’s name in the URL of the page

So in a nutshell, don’t only create an about us page or attorney profile page with multiple attorneys on it. While it may seem fine, there are a lot of missed SEO opportunities to promote individual lawyer profiles.

Attorney ProfileWhat You SHOULD Do

Create an attorney profile page (even if you are the only attorney at your firm). You can make this an “about us” page but if you want to have information related to your firm as an entity, keep that separate from the profile page.

Include the name, practice areas, and biography of the lawyer. Beef it up a little bit too. Try and make it a least 300-400 words if you can. Try not to make the mistake of injecting useless content just so the text is beefier. Include your accomplishments because this page is very important for conversions. Make sure it’s actually important info.

In addition:

• Include the name of the lawyer in the title of the page
• Include the name in the meta description as well
• Include the name in the file name of the image, in the alt attribute and the URL of the page
• Include any accreditations, awards, experience or similar accolades
• The lawyers direct contact information if desired
• Links to any social media profiles that the lawyer uses on a professional level

Structured Data

You should add structured data markup to as many pages on your site where there is content that can be marked up but you should also make sure and do it to the lawyer profile page. Mark up name, address, telephone, email and website data but you can also refer to schema.org/Attorney for any other information that may be useful for search engines to find and interpret correctly.

What do you think?  Does having an individual attorney profile page seem like a better idea?  Join in the conversation by commenting below.