Top 5 Recent Events in Search for Attorneys

| October 28, 2014

At Attorney Rankings, we understand that you were probably so busy being an awesome lawyer that you might have missed some important search updates. Well that’s what we are here for.  Check out the 5 most influential events in search for 2014.

1. HTTPS As A Ranking Factor

A google secure logoThis one is perhaps the most exciting and notable because Google is actually telling website owners about a ranking factor (something it typically holds close to its chest).  Lawyers (who traditionally don’t really need SSL on their sites and especially not if they aren’t handling sensitive data through the web) are now in a position where acquiring and installing an SSL certificate should be on their to-do list.

2. Pigeon Update

Google with pidgeonLocal results got a boost from Google after the Pigeon update.  Google has improved its ability to serve relevant local results in the past with updates like Venice but this one went a step further by tying the process in with traditional ranking factors.  For attorneys this is big as many focus on local markets.

Google Authorship3. Authorship Removed

The news that Auhtorship was no more was also big for people marketing their businesses online.  Authorship was supposed to play a role in the future of search tying good content with the people that created it in an effort to stitch together a network of trusted, high-quality content.

Google’s Dave Meuller made the announcement on Google Plus.  Like a lot of other projects killed by Google, the decision came as a result of data that showed no significant impact on user experience in search as a result of author snippets.

4. Google Promotes Modern Website Design

webThis wasn’t an update that got a lot of buzz but it’s important none the less.  Google has always been a fan of promoting a good user experience and what better way to do that than to warn them before they get to a website where they may not have a good experience.  In rich snippets, users can actually see if their device will work on the site or if they will encounter usability issues.

The update also puts pressure on website owners to develop sites that are user friendly for their audience.  Like other Google modifications though, time will tell if this modification will actually be useful for users of search.

5. Panda & Penguin Updates and Refreshes

panda algorithmPanda isn’t a new update and the refreshes have been going on for a while.  The fact that it was released in 2011 and Google is still tweaking it is a strong signal that website owners should be placing the quality of their content at the forefront of their strategy.

For attorneys, this means pushing out information that their audience will find useful, something lawyers should have no trouble doing.  Blogging, adding new articles to your site, and other methods of adding fresh, informative content are things Google wants to reward.

What other search-related events that happened in 2014 were big news for lawyers?  Join in the conversation by commenting below.