Top 10 SEO Chrome Extensions

| June 29, 2015

chromeChrome has a lot of sweet extensions that can help you do some quick SEO work while you are browsing around the web. Chrome extensions are simple to install, free, and provide valuable information about your site.

1. SEO for Chrome1

SEO for Chrome is an add-on that provides basic information about web pages, including how many pages are indexed, Alexa ranking, backlinks and search stats, among others. It also features a beta keyword research tool. The interface is cool, but at the time of this writing, there were some drawbacks. For example, the Yahoo indexing report was not working and the Bing report contained inaccurate information. Some of the social stats also seemed to be off. Otherwise, it’s worth a look.

Screenshot of SEO for chrome
2. SEO Site Tools2

This is a much more robust tool. You can get a lot of the same info that you can from the SEO for Chrome extension, but the data seems more accurate. You can also get some cool on-page stats like the status of your title, meta description3, no-follow vs do-follow links4 and HTML and CSS validation right in the tool.

This is a good extension to start with because it gives you a lot of good, basic information about the domains that you visit.

A screen coming from site tools

3. PageRank Status5

A lot of the features on this extension are related to PageRank, but you’ll also find a lot of the basic on and off-page things, as well. The page speed indicator is a cool feature, and the interface is a lot cleaner than the previous extensions mentioned here.

4. Woorank: SEO & Site Analysis

WooRank has an killer tool6 for instantly reviewing the website you are on with Chrome. In one click you can get dozens of different metrics for the page you are on including:
• An overall snapshot grade of how the page shapes up
• Virtually all onsite factors
• Keyword consistency
• Number of internal links
• Number of external links
• Number of broken links
• Technical elements
• Mobile analysis
• Structured data
• Trust indicators (i.e. presence on social proof sites7)
• Technologies used on the site
• Social metrics
• And more!
Pretty sweet for one click huh? The WooRank extension for Chrome is free. After you install it you will most likely have to restart the browser for it to work right. It is by far one of the most comprehensive and accurate browser extensions I have used in a while (especially for being free).



5. SEOQuake8

This is a toolbar that runs on Chrome and lets you see all kinds of basic data about web pages. Click on any of the links in the toolbar while analyzing a page, and you will see info related to that page. The drawback to having the bar enabled in your browser is that it makes Google think you are a bot all the time, so you might be entering some captchas for organic search.

6. Whois One Click Lookup9

This one allows you to see whose site you are on (or who the domain is registered to, anyway) right when you arrive. The hallmark is the one-touch ease of access to the information.  The alternative is visiting whois services to look up that information which (if you are doing an outreach project) can be extremely tedious and add a lot of time to your work.

7. Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer10

If you are looking for an extension that specializes in analyzing backlinks, this is a good one. You can see a lot of cool charts and graphs, get info on backlinks, anchor text and a summary sheet. Majestic SEO is also a very reputable brand.

8. Mozbar11

Moz has a nice Chrome extension with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. There are also a lot of quick links in the extension to find indexed pages, go to webmaster tools or view the top pages of your site.  The free version gives some good info but it is much better if you are a Moz Pro subscriber.

9. YSlow12
Tools for analyzing web pages are great, but they are even better when they make suggestions for you. That is YSlow’s claim to fame. It grades web pages based on three predefined rules. You can also make your own rule sets.  The other core strength of Yslow is page speed insights.  Page speed can have an adverse effect on SEO if your pages are extremely slow.  By improving page speed you can help increase visits and conversions.


10. NoFollow13

This is a simple plugin that outlines no-follow links on a web page. You can use it to quickly analyze pages for the kinds of links they have, as well as meta tags that instruct search engines on whether or not to index content.

Most of the extensions mentioned in this post have similar features. Not all are always accurate, so be careful when relying on the information. As a best practice, you should always look to multiple tools to get the information you need when making changes to your site.