Tips for Fixing Duplicate or Incorrect Listings in Google Plus Local

| September 27, 2013

Google has all kinds of great resources for small businesses and webmasters. Google Plus local is just one of those services that helps businesses get more visibility in search. Unfortunately if you happen to get a duplicate listing on the system, it is aggravatingly difficult to get it removed.

This can happen if you’ve had someone else managing your law firm’s Google Plus local presence, if someone else has claimed your business or maybe you just made two of them by accident.  Whatever the case, the following procedure will help fix your issue.

1. Claim Your Listing on Google+ Local

Sometimes its just a matter of claiming your listing. Log into the Google account that you have (note that if you have more than one Google account, you should log into all of them to make sure the Google plus local page is not associated with any Google account that you own). If you find that it hasn’t been claimed, claim one of the listings that is out on the web. Once you do that, proceed to step two.

2. Find listing on Google Maps and click on “report a problem”.


This will make it so you have one listing that is safe because it was claimed by you and the other which (if it hasn’t been claimed), should drop out of Google’s index.

3. Go here and fill out your problem. Sometimes they have a number you can call but most of the time after a prompt they will email you within 24-48 hours. IMPORTANT – SAVE this email as you can reply to the Google+ Local worker whenever you would like. You cannot send direct emails to them otherwise. Once you get an email connection established they can help you with whatever Google Maps issue you are experiencing.

At Attorney Rankings we offer local SEO for lawyers.  If you are having a problem with your Google+ Local listing contact us here.  Also, be sure to read these local optimization tips to help improve your local search results.