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Sonya Palmer

About Sonya

  • Hometown:Northwest Ohio
  • Education: BS from Bowling Green State University
  • Interests: Photography, travel, coffee, cooking, sci-fi, reading, music, gadgets, productivity

Internet Marketing Bio & Experience:

I was always interested in computers, but too creative for programming. A light bulb turned on when I was introduced to Wordpress in 2006. My digital marketing adventure began as I started to work with small businesses to help carve out their online presence. I enjoy studying and learning new fields to find unique and creative ways to connect businesses with clients. As the web expands and grows, SEO has become integral for anyone wishing to make a buck or two via the web. My speciality is understanding search algorithms, anticipating new search trends, and ensuring the end user has a pleasant experience.

Personal Bio:

In my free time, I enjoy exploring new places. Checking out restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries. Enjoy genre tv and film, photography, and taking my dog Winston on adventures. Love to read and write about emerging technology, new apps and equipment, and productivity. Also really enjoy naps, and swimming pools.