Onsite SEO for Lawyers: Social Sharing

Onsite SEO for Lawyers: Social Sharing

| August 07, 2016

What is Social Sharing?

Social sharing refers to functionality that lawyers can place on their website that allows users to easily share content.  These could be buttons or links that make it easy for people to share images, snippets of text, entire pages and other forms of content across social networks.

Buttons are generally configured to scrape snippets of content from the page they are on or the content they are attached to. For example many images across the web have Pinterest sharing buttons embedded on them.  Blog posts may have Facebook, Twitter and Reddit buttons at the bottom that make it easy to share text and image content on those platforms.

A visitor sharing content from a web page must have a social account to use the buttons.  Otherwise the experience is not as seamless.  Social sharing functionality increases the chances that content will get shared1 on social networks because it takes the leg work out of physically doing it.  Strong correlations2 have also been seen between social media and SEO.

Here are some examples of what social sharing buttons look like.

Best Practices

With social sharing buttons, attorneys should try to make it as easy as possible for their content to be shared on social networks.  That means placement is key.  Lawyers do not have to follow all of these placement suggestions (in fact pages would look silly if they did).

  • Bottom of blog post: A good spot and one of the most commonly used. The thought process here is that people are likely to share after they actually read the post but it may be wise to put buttons in other locations as well.bottom-post
  • Top of blog post: Many leading journalism sites do it this way like Mashable3.  One thing to consider here is that you may be taking up valuable real estate for people that haven’t read the article yet.mashable-sharing
  • Left of blog post: This is another common placement and also makes sense because it’s right in the user’s natural line of sight.  We read from left to right and as long as lawyers get social buttons to follow the left hand progression of page scrolling, more shares are likely.  Search Engine Land does it this way4.sel-example
  • Right of blog post: This one only works depending on your layout. Lawyers that have right sidebars on their blog for example may not want to put social sharing in this position.  Moz pulls it off nicely though5.moz-example
  • Inline sharing: This one is pretty cool.  CoSchedule’s Click to Tweet plugin6 for WordPress allows you to have users share snippets of content right to Twitter.inline-click-to-tweet


Lawyers using WordPress will have a very easy time installing attractive and highly functional social sharing buttons.  There are a lot of good ones out there so it’s pretty much a matter of what looks best on your site.

Once downloaded, simply configure a social sharing plugin’s settings in WordPress.  Apply them at the end of post pages and other articles on your site that might be worth sharing.  Ensure that images get Pinterest buttons applied to them too.

Here’s an example of what the interface looks like for Shareaholic11.


And what they look like when live on a website.