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PPC For Lawyers

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a method of Internet marketing where the advertiser pays a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, the advertiser bids on keywords so that when those keywords are typed in, they display. PPC is a method of buying traffic rather than generating it organically with SEO (search engine optimization).

Attorney Rankings provides the following pay-per-click management services: Google Adwords Search Network, Google Adwords Call-Only, Google Adwords Mobile Only
, Google Adwords Display Network (Include Banner Ad Creation), 
Bing Ads.

When you sign up for PPC management services with Attorney Rankings, you get a dedicated PPC account professional that will actively manage all the facets of your pay-per-click campaign. Attorney Rankings is a Google Adwords Certified partner. The Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google provides to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords.

01. Discovery

During the initial phase before an attorney’s campaign launches, our PPC experts determine what keywords are best to use for bringing in targeted traffic that converts to actionable business for our clients.  We also determine things like geographic targeting options, budgets, ad scheduling and other optimization settings. 

Our PPC Specialists also determine what our client’s goals are for pay-per-click advertising.  Many attorneys want to get the phone ringing but we can also define other events as conversions like form fills, signups, video views and more. 

02. Landing Page Audit

For many PPC providers and especially Google, the content and structure of a landing page are crucial for a campaign to perform well.  Google scans the landing pages for ads on a regular basis and looks for things like relevancy to the ads, ease of navigation, page speed and other factors. 

If a landing page is not well-optimized for a campaign, ads are less likely to be shown because quality scores (a measurement of ad quality) go down.  PPC Specialists at Attorney Rankings consult on landing page architecture and give guidance on how pages should be organized to deliver the best conversion rates for that particular campaign’s goals. 

03. Full Campaign Build

Aside from standard targeting, keyword and ad copy configuration, Attorney Rankings also uses best practices for PPC campaign construction.  Our PPC ad specialists may configure ad extensions such as phone numbers, web pages, reviews and more. 

The best part about going with an agency like Attorney Rankings is that we are intimately acquainted with marketing in the legal vertical.  We know exactly which negative keywords to add to a campaign so that you don’t waste money on ad impressions and clicks that will not convert.  We are also extremely familiar with best practices for configuring attorney-specific PPC campaigns so they turn visitors into leads. 

04. Ad Copy Split Testing

PPC is part creativity and part scientific process.  We design and implement campaigns using best practices but we also analyze which ads perform better than others using split testing in AdWords.  This process involves designing ads using differing copy, calls to action, and different targeting methods among other techniques.  The tests are designed to see which types of ads perform the best over time. 

05. Negative Keyword Optimization

Negative keywords are phrases and terms that can be added to a campaign in AdWords or Bing Ads that exclude ads for showing when searchers use them.  In the world of programmatic advertising, these features can help ads show only for those who are most likely to find them relevant. 

Attorney Rankings has one of the most well-procured lists of negative keywords in the industry.  We’ve spent years perfecting our PPC legal negative keyword lists so that campaigns run at peak efficiency the moment they are launched.  In the world of legal pay-per-click advertising where clicks can run into the hundreds of dollars, there is little margin for error.    

06. Bid & Position Management

Online advertising using pay-per-click is a constantly changing method of promotion.  Ad positioning is largely based on a combination of relevance and demand.  The amount of money that lawyers are paying for their clicks also changes constantly.  Our PPC Specialists monitor campaigns closely to ensure bids are high enough to get first page placement and that clients are not paying more than they should for the keywords they are bidding on. 

07. Reporting

Attorney Rankings provides routine reporting on the status of PPC campaigns.  The metrics reported on are in line with client goals but often include conversions, ad positioning, cost, and other important measurements that show the progress of campaigns.