SEO Resources for Attorneys

| January 09, 2014

resourcesLawyers looking for information on SEO will find no shortage of websites about the topic1. It is important to point out that information you find on SEO is (ironically) influenced by SEO. That being said, lawyers should be careful which resources they trust.

Attorneys doing their own SEO tend to be more busy with their practice than studying the latest trends in search. That is why we have compiled a list of trustworthy resources. We also took the liberty of categorizing them. You will notice that some SEO websites are all about trends and news related to Google (and SEO in general) while others are committed to teaching practical application.


mozMoz2 (Formerly SEOMoz)
Moz was once an SEO agency and now has changed to a software-based company featuring products like Open Site Explorer3. If you have not checked out their service it is definitely worth a look.  They also feature a great citation-based tool called Moz Local.  For the resource side of things, they have also developed a robust community of SEO thought leaders4. The blog has contributions from employees, the founder (Rand Fishkin5) and members of the Moz community.

Moz also features a forum where you can ask questions of professionals. They also feature white papers and ebooks that contain a wealth of really good information on optimizing websites. One of the best features is that you can find very basic information if you are just starting out all the way to some of the most advanced techniques devised.  They also have Whiteboard Fridays6 featuring either members of the organization or guest speakers who answer basic to advanced questions about SEO (the videos are also transcribed).

shout-me-out-loudshoutmeoutloud.com7 (Founded by Harsh Agrawal8)
By their own description, Shout me Out Loud is a “Community of Bloggers”. Like Moz, you can get a lot of good information here because it comes from different viewpoints and contributors.There are a wider variety of resources here than most other sites.

The site is well organized and there are a lot of great how-to and advice type posts related to SEO. I also like the case studies where you can get real world scenarios on what has and has not worked for others.  While there are some great tips on the site, it is aimed at the online marketing audience making a living on content generation coupled with paid advertising.

News and general information

search-engine-landsearchengineland.com9 (Founded by Danny Sullivan10)
One of the most notable SEO-news related websites is Search Engine Land. You will find some good information on how to actually implement things however most of the content is news based. If you want to keep up to date on Google’s activities, their search algorithm changes and events related to the search industry, this is the site to subscribe to.

While a lot of their content is heavily SEO focused, they also have things related to social and search engine marketing in general (like paid search). Their how-to section is pretty good but most of the things you see them appearing for in search tend to be their news stories.

seoroundtableseroundtable.com11 (Founded by Barry Schwartz12)
This one is very (very) similar to Search Engine Land. So much so that you will even see some of the same writers on there. For the most part that is the mission of the site, to promote some of the latest trends in the industry from its most influential thought leaders.

Users on the site can submit threads on topic related to search. In this way it is not as involved as blog posts but you can still get a lot of different prospectives from people and professionals in the search community.  Much of the site is purely news-based and many of those articles do not go very in-depth on topics.  The forum is the real strength of SEORoundTable.  It is a way to get questions unique to your particular situation answered.


Forums are a great place to get information on how to do SEO or other things related to web marketing. You have to do a little more digging for answers since the information is not organized nicely like in a blog post.  Lawyers should also be careful who they listen to because there is always the potential for misinformation.

This is an online and offline marketing forum with a hugely active online marketing section. They also have special sections for SEO. You can always browse through the threads without becoming a member or you can sign up for a free account so you can ask questions.

Note that there is some forum etiquette that should be followed.   If you are going to ask questions on the forum, try to do as much research beforehand as you can on the topic. No one will want to answer really simple questions or hold your hand.

Moz Q & A Forum14
As mentioned before, Moz has a pretty good forum of professionals and users that can help you learn more about SEO or answer questions. I like Moz’s forum because it is really clean and easy to search. People also tend to be very helpful and otherwise willing to contribute.

There are many other resources and information about SEO on the web and this list is just meant to get you started. If you are having trouble knowing who has the right answers when it comes to SEO, you cannot go wrong with these resources. Once you feel a little more comfortable, you will be able to find your own resources tailored to your specific needs.

More Resources

Webmaster World15

webmasterworld-logo-largeIf you are a little more into the technical side of things and like staying up on search news, Webmaster World is a great resource.  Attorneys can get information on all kinds of different search topics as well as on different search engines.  They also have a spot where you can hire their preferred webmasters and companies.


SEO Book16

seo-bookThese guys offer the web’s number one SEO training program complete with videos and a private members forum.  They also have a lot of really cool tools that are free (when they could certainly get people to pay for them).  For example they have a really cool keyword density analyzer17 as well as really sweet browser extensions18 that let you do SEO work quickly, accurately and easily.



Google_2015_logo.svgGoogle is one of the best resources to get information about SEO.  If you are looking for actionable tactics and strategies they probably are not the best resource.  If however you want to know what you should not be doing, they are the ones you should go to. Google will also tell you about best practices you should be using on your site in order to make it perform well in search.  It is a great starting point for those interested in learning more about SEO.