Semantic Markup for Lawyers

| January 30, 2015

Semantic Markup for Lawyers

In an earlier post1 we talked about how to leverage personalized search by adding Microdata markup to elements of your web page.  This post will dive a little deeper into that concept and show attorneys content that should be marked up so the rich effects will be displayed in search.

Why is Schema Tagging Important

Will your site skyrocket to the top of the search results after marking up your content?  No, it won’t.  This is simply a method for structuring your data so that it can be easily consumed by search engines.  Another benefit is that richer data can be shown in search results.

If a search engine crawler cannot determine how to capture and index your information so that it can be useful in search results, then users will not see it.  If you can mark up the data you want users to see, that makes a better experience for everyone and may lead to better exposure for your law firm.

How Can Attorneys Use Schema Tagging

There are actually specific properties for attorneys2 on  Attorneys are categorized under professional services and there are a number of properties that can be associated with that item type.  Below are a list of these properties.  Click on any of them to see an example of how to use the property on your website.  If you do not want to mess around with marking up HTML, there is an excellent Microdata generator3 you can use.

Local Business Schema

Its safe to say that many people looking for attorneys in search engines want to find out local.  We already know that Google delivers results based on a user’s IP address and location settings in the search engine itself.

One more way attorneys make it easier for prospects and customers to find you is to markup content that would be relevant to local searchers.  You can find a whole list of local business markups at Schema.org4.  The following are a list of semantic markup examples that attorneys can use to make important information more visible in search.

You can find other schema properties that are useful for attorneys at  Additionally, Ruth Burr Reedy put together this great post on semantic markups you should check out.