Reputation Management Tips for Lawyers

Reputation Management Tips for Lawyers

| March 11, 2016

ReviewWith the amount of people using search to look for local businesses, your online reputation is sometimes the only reputation that matters.  If you’ve found that your reputation needs some attention because of negative reviews, comments or publications; the best way to counter those is to drown them in positive information.

Rank Other Directories

Depending on where the original negative review is, you can try and push it down in the SERPs by getting other directories or websites where you have a profile to rank higher.  You do that by remaining active and populating them with information.

You can also build links to those profiles, forums, and sites from your own website.  The key here is to be as active as possible posting multiple times per week.  Get your name out there and any other information that may also be in the negative review such as your law firm name, your practice area, etc.

If you have positive reviews on other sites, build links to those and if possible generate content on them.  Fill out profiles on those sites completely.

Push Out a Press Release

press-releasePopular press release sites generally have a leg up in search.  You can publish a press release about your firm and get it to rank well in an effort to push down any negative reviews or comments.  For example PRWeb is an authoritative press release website that can get content syndicated quickly.

Press release sites can still be effective however be careful how much time you invest.  In mid-2014, there were reports that many of these sites (typically the lower-quality ones) were hit by a Google algorithm update.

Expand your Web Presence

A great way to push out negative information is by expanding or adding profiles of yourself, your firm and your professional expertise on other websites.  For example profiles and participation on sites like AVVO can be very powerful.

Here are some other things you can do:

• Create business citations

• Create profiles on attorney specific websites and directories

• Create social profiles for your firm or yourself if you haven’t already

• If you already have social profiles, create other ones as well even if your target audience is not present there

Attorney ProfileMake a Great About Page

Make an individual attorney profile page on your website.  Pack it full of information about you and your accomplishments.  Make it lengthy and link to it from a few other places on the web.  Make sure you have your name in the title of the page, in headers, meta description, copy and any links pointing at the page.

Be Active on Attorney Related Forums or Groups

Create accounts or join groups on attorney related forums, directories or in groups such as on LinkedIn.  Participate often by posting content and answering questions.   If there is an opportunity for you to place a link in the signature of a profile do that.  Remember to build equity first by being genuinely helpful to people.  By doing that people will see you as an authority and if your posts are informative enough they will want to link to them.

Countering negative information is all about dilution.  There will always be someone that does not like you and that lets everyone know about it.  The trick is being able to publish enough content so that search engines don’t find that piece of information as relevant to all the other data available related to the attorney with the negative review.

How do you get rid of negative reviews?  Join in the conversation by commenting below.