What is Remarketing for Lawyers?

| August 27, 2015

Google RemarketingThere are a lot of different ways to market to your potential clients online.  The trick is getting as targeted as possible with your advertising so you can spend ad dollars wisely.  This post is all about remarketing for attorneys including what it is, why it is important and who provides remarketing enabled advertising.

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a relatively new term and has been pushed into the mainstream by companies like Google as a feature of online display and text advertising1.  Essentially it is re-introduction of a product or service that can be delivered to users based on the specific websites, pages, or applications they have used online.

As it relates to Google’s display network, advertisers can create ads that are only shown to visitors who match specific browsing habits on your website.  Once those users are identified, advertisements (that should be tailored after the content the user was viewing) can be made to follow the user to “partner” websites that have agreed to show Google ads.  In other words you can show ads to people on other websites after they have visited and left your website.

dataWhy Is It Important?

Remarketing has revolutionized the online marketing landscape2 and advertising in general.  For the first time, advertisers have data that tells them users might be interested in a product or service and they do not have to rely on viewing or browsing habits or the content of a web page in order to show the ads.

Remarketing ads are far more targeted than their traditional counterparts because they can be programmed to target people who have viewed specific content.  It follows that much higher conversion rates can be achieved when showing users ads that are highly relevant to the websites and specific content they have been viewing on your website.

Other benefits of remarketing:

  • People do not make a decision the first time they come to your site.  Remarketing allows you to stay top-of-mind and increase the chance you will get a conversion
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Get better data on your visitors and how they search for and find an attorney

Who Provides Remarketing Services?

Google is the market leader in remarketing enabled text and display ads but they are not the only player in the game.  Bing also provides the same functionality for their ads3 however they do not call it remarketing but remessaging.

Adroll4 is another service that has remarketing functionality.  They were reviewed pretty well5 on the KISSMetrics blog.  Chango6 is yet another one (mentioned in the same post) that you could check out.

Remarketing can help attorneys stay top of mind with people who have already visited their website.  It’s a great way to increase conversions and present yourself as an authority because of your advertising reach.  If you decide to use Google’s services and you will have someone manage an account for you, be sure you look for a Google Certified Partner7 to start with.

Do you use remarketing?  How has it benefited your law firm?  Join in the conversation by commenting below.