Pinterest Marketing Tips For Lawyers

| February 20, 2013

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Onsite Pinterest Tips For Attorneys

Add A Pinnable Image To Each Post & Page

Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for your law firm.  In order to take advantage of Pinterest you have to have a pinnable image or video in your content for others to share. The image above was added for this purpose.

Search Engine Friendly Images

Name your images before you upload them to your website. Instead of uploading an image named 045900.jpg, use a keyword. For example: chicago-personal-injury-lawyer.jpg would be an ideal image using the keyword “chicago personal injury lawyer”. Images that use keywords for their file names (with words separated with dashes) are more SEO (search engine optimization) friendly and may be more likely to be found in Google Image search results.

Image Sizing

Studies have shown that tall images are re-pinned less. Make sure images are not too large or too small. Images up to 600 pixels wide are ideal.

Text In Images

Often it is difficult to find an appropriate image for your content. Using text based images is ideal for this type of content. Many law firms list their practice areas and specializations on individual pages.  In these cases it would ideal to have a text based image. The image at the top of this article is what I would describe as a “text based image”.  It describes the content.  So if your content is about “chicago DUI laws” then have a text based image that says “chicago DUI laws”.

Image Titles

Use descriptive titles for your images.  This is not to be confused with image file names.  The highlighted section in the image below is what I’m referring to:

Image Attachment Details

When users re-pin your images, Pinterest naturally pulls the image title. You can add your twitter handle, url, hash tags and more to your titles. When your content is re-pinned it will include this information in the comment area.

Image Title Examples:

  • Bad Image Title – Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Good Image Title – Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer | | #chicago #lawyer

Make Your Content Easy To Share

Make sure your images have the ability to be shared easily. Add a pinterest share button, pinterest follow button and more to your profiles for easy sharing. The easier your images are to share the more likely they will be shared.

Share Buttons & Follow Codes

Follow Me on Pinterest
Follow Me on Pinterest
Follow Me on Pinterest
Follow Me on Pinterest

Pin It Over Images Plugin

Pinterest Account & Board Creation

Account Title, Board Title, Permalinks

When creating your board title I recommend you either use your Law Firm’s name or your main keyword phrase. The reason to do this is because whatever you choose for your account title, it will be the main permalink associated with your account. A permalink using a keyword is an important ranking factor for the search engines.

(Note: The permalink can only be between 3 and 15 characters long)

Pinterest Account Title Example: ( the keyword after / is the permalink /sandiegolawfirm/)
San Diego Law Firm | @sandiegolawfirm

Claim Your Profile – PR8 – Do-follow Pinterest Verified

In order to receive a do-follow link from Pinterest which is currently (12/18/12) a page rank 8 or PR8 website, all you have to do is verify your website in the profile section.

How To Verify Your Website

Go to: Profile > Settings > Website

Social Integration

Syndicate your pins on your social networks (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). It’s a great way to get more visibility to your most popular images and videos.

(Note: Do not share every pin or re-pin to your social accounts.)

How To Connect Pinterest With Facebook & Twitter

Go to: Profile > Settings > Facebook & Twitter

Board Placement

Boards at the top of your profile have the highest click density. Law firms should utilize the top positions for their appropriate specializations.

(Special Note: The upper left board is the most visible board of your profile. This is due to the Pinterest Application for Smart Phones. The Pinterest app features this board above the fold on mobile phones.)

Board & Account Consistency

Create an identity and provide content for a specific audience. Do not generalize and pin any and every image. Give your audience a reason to come back.  You want your users to have an idea what you do.

Engage With Other Pinners

By commenting, “liking” and re-pinning images on Pinterest, people often reciprocate the favor. By being active in the community you will acquire more followers, “likes” and re-pins. Attorneys can do searches for local pinners. For example, if you are an attorney in Chicago, you can do a search for “chicago”. You will get results for boards and more importantly pinners. If you take a close look you’ll be able identify local residents and businesses. It’s a great way to connect with local residents.

Pinning & Re-Pinning

Here are some pinning and re-pinning tips:

  • Re-pin Client Images – This will build customer loyalty. Clients that have used you before are more likely to use you again in the future.
  • Consistent Pinning & Re-pinning – By pinning at the same time your followers will be more likely to see your newly pinned images. They will know when to expect your pins.
  • Hash Tags – Add a hashtag to an image that best describes your content. It makes your content more searchable on pinterest.
    (Hash Tag Examples: #Chicago #Lawyer #Attorney)
  • Credit Sources – Make sure to credit your sources to abide by the terms of service and avoid trademark or copyright infringement. The last thing you want to do is get your account banned and have to start over.

(Note: If you haven’t read Pinterest/Etiquette take a moment to do so here:


Follow local Businesses, niche appropriate boards, competing firms, residents, etc. There is a direct correlation between the number of accounts you follow and your followers. The more often you follow appropriate boards and accounts, the more often they will follow you back and the higher likelihood of their followers that will follow you back.

Comment & “Like”

Commenting and liking images and boards are great ways to build an audience and these actions work in the same way as re-pinning do. Commenting is also a great place to insert a keyword into the content. The more descriptive your comments are, the more visibility they will receive.

Evaluating Pins

Check to see which pins are sending you the most traffic and which pins are getting re-pinned so you can evaluate what is working. Here are two methods to do so:

  1. – Where “url” is enter your website address. It will pull all the pinning activity from images on your website.
    (For example if we wanted to look at pins from law firm website: you would type in:
  2. Google Analytics – See which pins are sending referral trafic.
    Go to Google Analytics Network Referrals > Pinterest > Click on URL to check

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