Personal Injury Attorney Marketing & Business Tips – Interview with Gabriel Levin

| October 10, 2013

personal-injuryGabriel LevinEver wonder what your peers are doing in their practices?  Even if you’re a seasoned attorney, it’s always nice to take a look to see what others are doing to manage and market their businesses whether its for new ideas or affirmation of your own tactics.  In this post, +Gabriel Levin a personal injury attorney at The Levin Firm offers some very candid insights on how he markets his firm and positions it for success.

1. What types of personal injury cases have you found to be the best ones to take from a business standpoint?

Any case can be great for business. You just have to make sure that the entity being sued has money or an insurance policy to pay your claim. There is nothing worse for business than suing someone that has no money to pay you at the end of the case. The firm loses time and money that can never be recovered.

2. What channels do you market your services in?

We do a lot of online marketing. We also rely on word of mouth and attorney referrals. I always find that my best cases are referred to me by people I have helped in the past. The new client feels immediately comfortable because they know their friend had a positive experience with me.

3. Have you had more luck advertising online or through traditional channels?

It is not even close. In my opinion online marketing has the highest return on investment. The key to online marketing is to make sure you spend your money wisely. Lots of companies out there take advantage of attorneys that don’t have experience online.

4. Are there any kinds of clients or cases that you will not work with?

I will try any type of case. There are some areas I am less experienced in and from time to time I will refer those cases to an attorney I know to be experienced in that area of law.

leads5. What is the primary method by which you acquire leads?

Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

6. Have you found it challenging to manage your image as a personal injury attorney?

No. My image is guided by the results I get. I work hard for my clients to ensure I get the best possible results in every case. My image as a personal injury & car accident lawyer reflects this dedication.

7. If PR is something you do, is it outsourced or do you do it yourself?

Both. It depends on what message I am trying to get out.

8. What are some steps you’ve taken to improve your image?

Client reviews can be very helpful. Asking a satisfied customer to submit an online review can pay great dividends.

9. What are the most challenging aspects of marketing your business?

Competition. Marketing for personal injury is probably the most competitive area in law for marketing.

10. Have you ever considered new marketing strategies for promoting your practice?

I am always open minded to considering a new strategy. Anything can be done better. If someone explains a strategy that improves my current position I adopt it. I think you have to stay open minded. Law firm marketing on the Internet is constantly evolving.