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| August 13, 2013

phone bookOne of the easiest and fastest ways to build decent inbound links to your site and increase your presence online as an attorney is to submit your website to reputable lawyer directories.  Web directories have come under fire as a spam tactic in the past however they continue to be a place where users find information about local professionals and businesses.  As long as they are genuinely good websites, lawyers should be fine listing their site there.

Aside from driving your own website up in search engine rankings, submitting your website to directories grows your presence online.  According to a December 2011 study by Pew Research, 47% of adults say they rely on the internet to look for local businesses other than restaurants, bars or clubs.

Of those, 36% were using search engines to find what they were looking for.  Despite the fact that search engines are advanced enough to deliver localized results because the nature of the query warrants it, people still use city name + keyword to find results relevant to their location.  When they do, directories are often the first thing that pop up after advertisements and local Google Places listings.

In the screen shot below, we used the query “lawyers in ann arbor”.  You’ll notice that a directory is the first organic result to appear.


What to Look For

In general there are some attributes to directories that you want to look for before spending your time (and definitely your money) on joining.

High Domain Rating or Domain Authority:  These are proprietary metrics from the world’s leading SEO software companies.  It is not a deal breaker if DR and/or DA are not super high but generally sites with higher ratings are more authoritative and their links are of greater value.
Reputable: You will know this when you see it. Investigate the directory. Does it provide good information to those looking for attorneys in your area? Is it full of ads, ambiguous navigation, and content with no real substance?  Overall is it a site that someone would trust if they were looking for legal information or advice on what professional to contact? If the answer is no then move on.
Are your competitors listed? This is a dead giveaway that you should seriously consider joining. If your competitors are in the directory and you are not, you might be leaving money on the table.
Does the directory have a good Alexa Ranking? Don’t place too much weight on this but Alexa Ranking can be a good indicator of the popularity of a website. Remember the lower the number the better.

Your Lawyer Directory Head Start

Below is a list of paid lawyer website directories we have found.  This is a curated list that will continue to expand as our research continues.  If there is a paid attorney directory not on this list that you would like to recommend please contact us here.

Directory list updated 06/10/16
DR (Ahrefs Domain Rating) checked 06/10/16
*NOTE – Not all of the paid directories below have been tested.  

Accident Lawyer Directory Listing - $250/year
American Bar $200/month and is prorated based on 9/1 start
APLawyers$25/year or $97 lifetime inclusion
A Local Attorney$17.99/month
Attorney Lawyer Directory$120/year
AttorneyUS need to call for pricing
DirLaw listing $59.98 | Featured Listing $189.98
Enjuris Membership is $100
FindaCarAccidentAttorney Listing Types -- Basic $149.95/yr | Standard $34.95/Mo
|Sponsored $59.95/Mo | Featured $89.95/Mo
FindaPersonalInjuryAttorney Listing Types -- Basic $199.95/yr | Standard $49.95/Mo
|Sponsored $54.95/Mo | Featured $82.45/Mo
FindLaw Call for Quote
HG.org listing is free | Premium listing is $195/year
iLawyerSource - $69 | Standard - $99 | Premium - $179
LawFirmDirectory Packages Basic $9.99/Mo | Featured $49.99/Mo |
Premium $99.99/Mo (Discounts for annual subscriptions paid up front)
LawInfo Call for Quote
LawWorldWide listing $10 | Premium $20/Mo
Lawyer.com Call for Quote
Lawyer Link Bid Call for Quote
LawyerProfiles$239.99 per year
Lawyers.com Call for Quote
Local-Attorneys$50 one-time fee
Mediate$299/year (Different International Rates)
NAPIL Membership is $480/year
Nolo Call for Quote
Search-Attorneys$49 for one city and about $7 for each city after that
State Lawyers$25/Mo

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In addition to the list above list, you can also investigate local directories for small businesses.  Try searching for directories that serve your specific city or state.  Be careful because there are directories on the web that add little to no value or that could actually damage your site in terms of SEO.  Look for websites that have a high Domain Rating (Ahrefs) or high Domain Authority (Moz) and that they would actually be websites consumers would trust to find legal information and professionals.