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| January 08, 2014

The Definition of BlogThe blog as we know it today started gaining popularity back in the 90’s. At first these were mostly unorganized daily recordings of people’s lives. Today, there are almost 200 million1 blogs in existence. Sophisticated bloggers have a lot of influence over their readers and many people visit blogs for information and education. There are a fair number of very good legal marketing blogs that I wanted to point out.

Not only can you get good information on how to promote your practice from these sources, but you can get a different perspective.

SEOLawfirm.com2 logoAll blogs have their themes or a key school of thought that their content revolves around. has a ton of great information about online marketing, SEO, social media, and paid online advertising all in the context of legal services.

They also have a sprinkling of posts on business related strategies for law firms such as how to position your firm to get the clients you want. On the tech side there are also some interesting posts on using emerging tools like heat maps to track your visitors.

I like this blog because it has a good mix of how-to, strategy, news and general information type posts. It is always good to keep content fresh because if you are writing about the same thing or the same genre all the time, readers get bored.

The Search Ninjas3

Like I mentioned before, different blogs have their own themes. The Search Ninjas LogoThe Search Ninjas blog has a lot of highly technical information. If you are a novice with SEO, you may want to start of your information search somewhere else but definitely bookmark this site for later.

Many of The Search Ninjas more recent posts revolve around advanced linking techniques and server configuration to increase page load time among other more advanced elements of SEO. The blog in general is also very heavy on search engine optimization (hence the title of the site). This is not a bad thing just something to keep in mind when looking for information there.  I would recommend checking out this blog for any SEO relate questions or ideas especially on how to do something technical.


The Lawyerist LogoThis legal marketing blog sets itself apart from the rest on this list because they offer ideas for marketing in general and not just online marketing. For instance there are posts on networking (in real life), setting marketing goals and some great professional development content5.

The majority of the content on the blog is about promoting your brand as an attorney and there are a fair number of online marketing related posts. It is cool to see a few in there that are about the actual practice of law and how lawyers can use certain tactics to enhance themselves professionally.  After all, as professionals attorneys still need to use traditional marketing techniques to gain clients and brand awareness.

Foster Web Marketing6

Foster web marketing logoHere is another one similar to the first two I mentioned. It has a lot of content on SEO, social media and web marketing in general however they have a unique approach to their blog. A lot of their posts are focused on content marketing and how the subtleties of that practice can make or break an online marketing campaign.

Many marketing blogs that talk about web marketing offer tactics or strategies that could be applied across the board but Foster is really keyed in on attorneys and the subtle ways that their businesses are different from many others.  They have also recently been posting about other service professions such as in the medical field.  Attorneys could potentially glean good ideas from those posts as well.


Law Web Marketing LogoIn looking through all of these different information resources it is neat to see that many of them have something unique to offer. Law Web Marketing has a lot of the same types of content that the others in this list do but there are some posts on security that are not well covered on other blogs.

Security is not something you normally think of when marketing a law practice online or offline but in the online world, it can be important. Many WordPress users for example experienced malware and other types of attacks on their systems.  Security is especially important for SEO after Google’s announcement8 on SSL as a ranking factor9.

The Circle of Legal Trust10

The Circle of Legal Trust LogoThis site is great because it offers more of a community feel than a blog. It is a place where attorneys already knowledgeable about marketing their practices online can pair up with other attorneys who need help and mentor them.

There is also forum you can check out to meet up with other attorneys and see what has worked for them in terms of marketing their practices.


ar-logoShameless self-promotion?  Maybe.  What we do know is that as this company has grown, we have directed the most time and energy into our content and making sure that it is factual, relevant, current and above all else, useful to our audience and our clients.  The Attorney Rankings blog is meant to be a source for knowledge, ideas, collaboration and community in an effort to help lawyers market their legal practices on the internet. On Attorney Rankings, lawyers will be able to find a lot of information on SEO, social media, paid advertising, blogging and many other aspects of building a brand in a the digital space.  In addition, our goal is to provide information that can help lawyers on a long spectrum of skill levels when it comes to online marketing.