Grow Your Google Plus Circles – Lawyers Who Share Great Content

| November 14, 2013

This is a continuation of “11 Tips to Grow Circles on Google Plus” Tip #3 – Share great content.

Interaction is important on social media but the other side of that is the content that you share. As far as brands are concerned, people don’t care about your business and the services you offer. What they do care about is information that can help them or content that is useful or entertaining in some way.

Finding the right balance isn’t always easy and it is often hard to tell what your target audience will respond well to. We would like to share some examples of lawyers who are sharing great content as it relates to their audiences.

+MichaelEhline attorney at Ehline Law Firm P.C.

Let’s face it, people don’t follow brands or professionals because they post images of their logos or drone on about their services. There has to be some motivation that fulfills are basic human need to get something. And get something Michael’s followers do if they follow his profile on Google Plus.

He shares tons of colorful jokes and other entertaining images and cleverly includes others while doing it. Whether it’s hilarious political satire, interesting animated GIFs or the classic cat image, there are always entertaining things to see from him.

All kidding aside, the side effect of all this (whether by design or not) is that Michael is building awareness of his name online. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter how you stay top of mind to your audience as long as you are there.

Michael Ehline

+AnthonyCastelli attorney at Anthony Castelli – Accident and Injury Law

Anthony is a perfect example of an attorney doing content marketing very well using social media. His audience looking for a personal injury or car accident attorney is looking for information about their situation. As a person looking for answers, searchers have a lot of questions. Anthony provides blog posts, videos, and other useful links so that his audience can get answers.

When people go online to search for information, they are looking for high-quality accurate data. They don’t want fluff on a website that has no real substance. Anthony’s content provides that level of detail for them. He positions himself as an authority in his practice area and by doing so, nurtures people down the road to contacting him.


+JefferyLapin attorney at Lapin Law Offices

A prime example of an attorney mixing up the content a little is Jeffery Lapin. He shares a lot of good law related content but there is a personal touch mixed in. This helps encourage engagement along with being a helpful professional on Google Plus.

Showing a personal side in your branding initiatives is a great way to build rapport and humanize the content a little. For example Jeffery’s love of Star Wars comes through in a lot of his posts.


+PaulWallin attorney at Wallin & Klarich

Criminal and family law attorney Paul Wallin provides more fine examples of content marketing on a social network. He consistently provides his network with relevant legal information that could be beneficial.
A notable piece of content routinely shared by Paul are infographics. People love infographics because they are fun and informative to look at. They are also highly shareable.


+JohnDemas attorney at Demas Law Group

Timely sharing of relevant content is a great strategy on social networks. It shows you are current and people generally engage more with content like this than more generic forms. Demas Law Group stays on top of this nicely by sharing content relevant both to their target audience as well as the time frame.


+ChristopherZachar attorney at Zachar Law Firm

Sharing content from a blog that is useful to a target audience is a great way to get more people on a website. Chris Zachar does this by sharing links to the Zachar Law Blog on Google Plus.


All of the attorneys featured here practice all of these great tips in some form. Sharing good content in social media is half the battle in gaining a following and growing your business. It doesn’t matter if you are creating the content yourself as long as you share things that are relevant, timely, useful, entertaining or in some way beneficial to the people you want to attract.