Lawyers Using Videos and Images On G+

| May 14, 2014

An image of imagesUsability studies and heat maps suggest that visitors are drawn mostly to images, graphics, videos and other similar content. I’ve heard some people say that they only go on some networks to look at images or video.

It is estimated that 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text. Attorneys can enhance their marketing efforts by using more images and video on Google Plus.
Check out these attorneys who are doing a great job of using visual content in their posts.

Michael Smolensky

Text-heavey posts tend to get glanced over. The use of colorful images and video throughout a feed will improve engagement from your audience. Michael Smolensky does a nice job of utilizing video and images to increase engagement. Check out some of what he shares below.

Christopher Zachar

We’ve mentioned Chris here before and he continues to do a great job using Google Plus to promote his personal and professional brand. He takes the extra step of consistently making his own useful videos and then getting exposure for them on G+.  His followers get a more human message from him and his videos.  They also get some very useful information that is easy to digest.

His use of infographics is also a great way to get engagement.  Infographics are one of those internet phenomenon that are fun to look at and informative.  People share them because they are authoritative and they’re also good for link bait.


Gerry Oginski

Gerry provides another example of video usage on Google Plus however his approach is much more aggressive. A large percentage of posts contain videos that he has produced. This is an excellent strategy because video is easy to digest.  Links that generate attractive snippets are good to post but video requires little effort on part of the user and is easier to consume.

Gerry Oginski

If you are finding that engagement on your Google Plus account is lacking, take a look at the content you are sharing. Do you largely share text or link based content? If so try supplementing that with more images and video. Let your personality show through and share video or image content that your target market would respond well to.

How do you increase engagement on Google Plus or other social networks?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!