Lawyers: Dominate Page One for Your Name

| May 08, 2014

A large part of ranking well in search is determining searcher intent.  When people look for attorneys online, they tend to use a name of a person rather than a law firm.  Even though there are other people with the same name, there are generally not that many people with the same name trying to rank well for attorney-specific keywords.  Your SEO strategy should start with dominating search results for your own name.

Leveraging Third-Party Sites

Optimizing your site to rank well for your name is essential and we’ll get to that in a moment.  First let’s talk about how you can expand your presence by using sites like AVVO and LinkedIn.  When people search for names in Google, common results tend to lean heavily on social media and lawyer directories.  A LinkedIn or AVVO result almost always appears on the first page if the profile is completed entirely.  Check out Brian Zeiger’s results.

Brian Zieger Results

Fill out your profiles completely on these networks or other professional networking sites.  Make sure you include keywords related to your practice area.  List projects, experiences, awards, and accomplishments.  Create connections and actively participate in groups.  All of these actions increase the chance that when someone puts your name into a Google search bar, more results about you will pop up.

Optimizing Your Site

Naturally you will have your name on pages of your site but there are other ways you can draw attention.  Make sure you have authorship configured on your site.  This works even better if you blog on a regular basis because Google will return post pages of authors that match user queries.

If you have images of yourself on your site, make sure your name is the file name of the image.  Create a biography of yourself on your site.  Mark up your name and other information about yourself using microdata.  This will help make data on your site more easily digestible for search engines.

Take Inventory

If you aren’t sure where you shape up on ranking for your name in search, try it out.  You can get a vague idea of how you are doing by performing a simple Google search however use a free service like Google Webmaster Tools to see where you are really ranking.