Lawyer Infographics as Link Bait

Lawyer Infographics as Link Bait

| March 11, 2016

Sometimes link building is about getting people to naturally link to your content.  In a previous post on link building tactics , we touched on the concept of building an infographic as link bait but we didn’t really elaborate on a strategy to do that.  This post is all about how to make an infographic and use it to get links to your website.

The Concept

The idea here is pretty straight forward.  People like to share visual things like videos and images.  They are inclined to share media that are entertaining or (in the case of infographics) useful information that is easy to digest.

You can take data that is otherwise bland and boring and turn it into an appealing infographic that your clients or other followers will find useful.  The link building comes in when you provide them a mechanism for sharing it on their own web properties (which we’ll get to in a moment).

Creating Your Infographic

There are two ways to go about this.  You can either make an inforgraphic yourself (not impossible and easier than you might think) or you can have someone make one for you.  There’s no shame in hiring out the work just keep in mind that it will cost more.

If you plan on doing the work yourself you can use one of the many services out there that help regular users build appealing infographics for a nominal fee (and sometimes for free).  Here’s a brief list of services you could try:




Google Developer

Make sure you have some data or other information that will be useful to your target market.  With data in hand, visit a service or go to your hired designer and make an appealing inforgraphic.  Below is a partial example of one I found on a Pinterest legal infographic board.

Truck accident infographic


Laying the Bait

The ultimate goal here (other than providing good information to your users) is to get links to your law firm website.  To do that you’ll need to  provide a mechanism by which people can share the infographic on their own blogs and websites.  You do that by providing some embed code for them to use.

Yes there will be some savvy users that just right click and save your image file to then code into their own websites.  If you make the embed code prominent though and make it easy to use, chances are some people will do it.

Siege Media  has a sweet Embed Code Generator  that enables you to make everything you need to make your infographic into a link building machine.  You just paste in some URLs, tweak the settings based on how you want it to look and copy and paste code into your blog or website.

Here’s what the interface looks like and it’s super easy to use:



Pulling it All Together

Once you have your infographic and your embed code, put it all together on a page on your website.  Note that you will be building links to the page that the image resides on so think wisely about what kind of phrase you are targeting before you start this whole process.

When you post your infographic to your website or blog, make sure there are clear instructions either before or after (or both) your infographic on how to share it.  If users like it enough, they’ll embed it on their own sites effectively building a link for you.

What unique ideas do you have for building links to your website?  Join in the conversation by adding a comment below.