Law Firm PPC Campaign Analytics Used for SEO Optimization

| August 07, 2013

Many attorneys choose to run a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in addition to their own SEO practices. While both types of campaigns have their merits, each function more efficiently when combined with the other. The most successful marketing campaigns for lawyers are those that leverage PPC campaigns to improve their SEO, creating a more useful online presence that better targets potential clients.

What is Pay-Per-Click?

The general model of the PPC campaign does share similarities with your SEO campaign. Like your SEO campaign, the pay-per-click model focuses on driving traffic to your site. Unlike the SEO model though, the PPC model requires you to bid for the keyword itself. This marketing model allows attorneys to market their website to prospective clients through purchased keywords, functioning as an up-front marketing cost to obtain immediate search engine traffic.

Data Gathering

PPC analyticsA PPC campaign is an excellent way to gather raw data on your keywords. While tools, like the Google Keyword Tool or the new Keyword Planner, can provide useful estimations for keyword traffic, these tools often fall short in their ability to provide relevant information for a local geographic area. Your PPC campaign, however, can help you to bring in valuable data about the keywords that should be targeted by your SEO campaign. PPC campaigns tend to be most valuable when they are truly “pay per click,” as each click can help you to determine the interest of the browser in the key term. This, in turn, can help you to determine your future SEO optimization efforts for that key term, as well as strategies that might be used to target specific consumers better. It is useful to think of PPC campaigns as an accurate keyword research tool that can help to funnel your efforts into long-term SEO campaigns. The helpful data and desired traffic generated by the former can help you to make long-lasting changes in the latter, helping to compel more clients to your website in the long run.

PPC is an important tool for improving your SEO campaign. While it is easy to think of PPC as a practice that requires you to pay for traffic (that an organic SEO campaign might otherwise generate on its own), PPC is an incredibly useful data-gathering tool as well. When taken as a whole, PPC and SEO can generate business for your website and function very well when working in tandem to bring more traffic to your site.

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