Kimberly Backman, Attorney at Law
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Kimberly Backman

Kimberly Backman, ESQ.

  • Hometown: Downers Grove, Illinois
  • Education: B.A. Psychology; J.D. DePaul University College of Law
  • Interests: Taekwondo, Traveling, Spending time with her two children – sounds corny but it is true!

Internet Marketing Bio & Experience:

She began her legal career in 1990 at the DePaul University Legal Clinic, representing low income clients in civil litigation. Since that time she has represented clients in many different aspects of the law from small business owners to adoptions and guardianships for disabled individuals. More recently she placed her focus on representing our nation’s post 9-11 veterans, many of whom have PTSD, and their family members. Legal content writing allows her the opportunity to write about all of these areas of the law and more.

Personal Bio:

She is a mother of two teenagers. While her life before kids may have included traveling, hiking or gardening, her life now includes Star Wars, Legos, gaming systems, drum kits, guitars and other percussion instruments where her living room used to exist.

Other Random Accomplishments:

  • She is a brown belt in Taekwondo. While she continues to study for her black belt, both of her teenage children have already earned their black belts and both are former Illinois state champions. “Do or do not, there is no try.”