Josh Brown
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SR. SEO Manager
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Josh Brown

About Josh

  • Hometown:Edwardsville, Illinois
  • Education: BFA, William Carey University
  • Interests: Internet Marketing, Playing Guitar, Snorkeling, Learning as much as possible about SEO

Internet Marketing Bio & Experience:

I am a Senior SEO Account Manager here at Attorney Rankings since 2014. I've been involved in SEO since 2004 when I started my first site, which was an e-commerce store. My ASP & MacroMedia certified programmer, Dan, recommended I hire an "SEO guy" to promote the site. I had no idea what that was, but decided, "Hey, why not?" I used some my earnings as a writer to fund the project (it was just side thing to distract me from the stress of looming deadlines at the time). Well, six weeks into the venture, we got our first sale. Six months into it, we were the second largest retailer in North America, online or otherwise.

I was hooked.

I decided to pay Dean, my SEO guy, a bounty to teach me everything he knew about SEO. That's how it all started many moons ago. I've drifted into paid, affiliate, media buys and whatnot. In between all of that, I worked as a full time writer, but I landed right back where I started some 10+ years ago.

What I enjoy most about working at Attorney Rankings is the day-to-day focus on SEO. The exposure helps mold us into a fine tuned machine. I think that is what helps separate us from other agencies, as our customer service is unparalleled.

Personal Bio:

I am an only child to a family of mostly entrepreneurs, including my extended family. Although my mom was a nurse, she later joined my dad to help run his wholesale business. My primary career was as a health and fitness writer for bodybuilding magazines. I was a feature writer as well as a ghost writer for the top athletes in the industry, penning many advice columns, doling out information about how to lose weight, build muscle, how to use steroids, so forth. It was a rewarding position, I had a great time, and met many interesting people. Throughout those years, I lived in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Atlanta. Ultimately, I burned out, and returned to my passion, which was Internet marketing.

When I'm not working, I enjoy snorkeling and spending time with my girlfriend. We live a quiet life in Florida.

SEO is my passion. Every night, I fall asleep watching new strategy videos from private SEO coaching classes. No matter how experienced someone may be, we can always learn more. My dad always taught me, there is someone faster, smarter, richer, or stronger. So, to me, SEO is what I do and a part of who I am.

Other Random Accomplishments:

  • I worked for Ms. Sarah Bird at Moz for a little while when I lived in Seattle. Very nice, kind people there, as are most folks in Seattle. Super interesting culture up there as well.
  • I was a top earning nutra affiliate for a while, garnering as much as $4,000/day (net) for my team, pushing dietary supplements (green coffee bean, garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketone, et al) and other As Seen On TV products, like Genie Bra and Magic Jack.
  • Despite being an expert in bodybuilding, I've never been able to stick to weightlifting longer than 3 months and have historically always been chubby. :-)