Interview with AVVO Legal Directory

| October 30, 2013

avvo-legal-directoryAttorney Rankings recently had the opportunity to speak with Avvo, a legal directory for attorneys. +Avvo provides us with an inside look into what makes them one of the top lawyer directories on the net.

1. What is the AVVO legal directory?

Avvo launched in 2007 as a directory of attorneys and today, the site is an online legal resource that helps more than 6 million consumers each month make smarter and more confident legal decisions – from researching a legal issue to finding and hiring the right attorney. is more than just a directory of attorneys – but in fact, we profile more than 95% of all practicing attorneys in the US. We also offer a free Q&A forum for consumers where they can get free legal advice 24/7 from attorneys with subject matter expertise. Attorneys on Avvo have provided more than 2.5 million answers to consumer’s legal questions, making our legal Q&A forum the largest on the internet.

Avvo also helps attorneys grow their practice online. We launched Avvo Ignite Suite and Avvo Ignite Websites last November to give attorneys the tools to grow their business, close more new clients, while saving them precious time and money.

2. How would being a part of this organization help me get more clients?

Attorneys who claim their profile on Avvo and participate in the consumer Q&A forum increase their exposure to potential clients. On average, Avvo sends its attorney base more than 275,000 contacts from prospective clients every month.

3. Will this help to promote my website?

Absolutely. From within an attorneys Avvo profile we include the ability to link to their firm website. Further, Avvo offers badges for attorneys to place on their individual websites that showcase their participation on

4. If I give away legal advice for free, won’t people just come to the site instead of calling me?

Most of the people who ask a question on do so because they don’t know whether or not they actually have a case, what type of attorney they should hire, etc. Many times, the attorney is giving basic information that might be answered in an initial phone or in-person consultation. It’s the attorneys who provide thoughtful responses that get more consumers contacting them further.

5. What kind of information is included in’s database?

Basic profile information comes from a few sources, including state bar associations, but the most interesting information in an attorney’s profile is added by the attorney, after she has claimed her profile. The attorney can add information such as education, speaking engagements, awards and legal articles she’s authored, for example.

6. Do I have to be licensed in the states where I answer questions for people?

Attorneys may answer questions from which ever state they choose.

7. How much does it cost to join?

$0. It costs nothing for attorneys to claim their profile on Also, it takes attorneys, on average, only a few minutes to claim their profile. Once an attorney has claimed his profile, he can begin answering questions in the Q&A forum immediately.

8. Are there any drawbacks to joining this directory?

None. Avvo was designed with a dual purpose in mind: to help consumers research and find an attorney for their legal needs, and for great attorneys get more business.

ebook9. Can I submit other forms of information like guides or ebooks?

Yes. Attorneys are encouraged to showcase their subject-matter knowledge by regularly posting Legal Guides – either written or video – on topics that are relevant to their practice. Developing a legal guide is simple and free, and Avvo provides 3 templates to speed up the process. In addition to posting these Legal Guides on, attorneys are encouraged to include a link on their law firm site back to their guide(s) on Avvo.

10. What are the requirements to become a member?

Avvo is open to all attorneys – all an attorney needs to do is claim their free profile to start participating.