How To Do An AVVO Group Claim

| September 03, 2015

The AVVO LogoOne of the most important parts of legal SEO1 is making sure that you have the right backlinks in place (along with a good linking strategy2). One of the best backlinks that you can utilize is AVVO3 (Page Rank 6), a service that helps potential clients to find highly qualified attorneys in their own areas. If you want to make sure that every attorney in your firm is listed, you can always make a group claim for your firm’s profiles.

The process of claiming the profiles for every attorney in your group is actually very quick and it can save time for any firm (even those with attorneys who may drag their feet on technology matters).  The following steps can guide you through the process of a group claim:

  1. Go to AVVO’s website, and download the group authorization letter4.
  2. Print out the authorization letter on your firm’s letterhead.
  3. Email this letter to
  4. Print out an Excel file with the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of all the attorneys in your group.
  5. Once your authorization form has been received, send the Excel file to

It is undoubtedly easy, but it still begs the question of why you should undergo the process at all. As previously discussed, AVVO provides top-level backlinks for attorneys, a non-negotiable aspect of SEO5 that can increase the traffic to your site. AVVO is also quite useful for building up your social credentials.  The site automatically ranks attorneys, and that ranking can heighten your chance of your name ranking organically in a user search. Claiming the profile also gives you a chance to see your credentials and establish your credibility—a process that can help you to net more clients.

If you find the AVVO process confusing or you want more direction on how you can positively influence your firm’s online reputation, you should contact us at to learn more.