Law Firm Link Bait: How Attorneys can use Lists for SEO

| March 06, 2014

Fishing lure representing link baitA great, indirect way for attorneys to build links to their sites is to create content that others want to link to. People love it when there is a wealth of information and resources compiled in one place. Lists help people locate numerous options all at once, and they are also good resources to link to.

Bank of America and Attorney Rankings

On the surface, a link from a banking website to an Attorney SEO website doesn’t make sense. Recently, I saw that a link had appeared on a sub-domain of Bank of America’s main website. Upon closer inspection, it was a link made in a small business community forum.

The link led to this blog post on the Attorney Rankings site containing a list of website directories. Check out the conversation below, which began as a question about where to find quality directory websites for attorneys.


The poster wanted to add some useful information and found a resource (the Attorney Rankings Blog) that magnified his contribution to the forum.

Of course, links won’t happen this way all the time, but when you can build high-quality lists, you will attract people who want to link to the content.

What Kinds of Lists Should Attorneys Make?

For the most part, it doesn’t really matter what kinds of lists you make as long as you adhere to the following three criteria:

1. They are hosted on your website (unless you’re gathering links for some other site)
2. They are relevant to your target market
3. They are high-quality

Typically, this list will be a compilation of resources. For instance, a divorce attorney could have a page on their website compiling a list of links useful for people going through the divorce process (i.e. counselors, financial consultants, child therapists, etc.).

A personal injury attorney might create a numbered list detailing the steps involved for handling a personal injury claim. Any kind of list that succinctly organizes useful information for the target market works great as linkbait.

Using Lists to Find Link Targets

On the other side of this are the websites that already have lists built on them. Rather than digging through the SERPs to find targets suitable for your site, you can use already-made lists available on the web as potential sources of links.

The idea here is that if these sites have quality list content, then they may also be good for an inbound link. Moz has an excellent post that shows you how to search for, scrape and organize URLs that have lists on them.

Many link building activities are proactive and require direct action on the part of firm owners or their agents. Others (like list making) take a passive approach. Compiling lists of unique and useful content for your market is a great way to get more links to your site.

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