Growing Your G+ Following by Adding & Reciprocating

| April 24, 2014

google-plus-circlesMuch like Twitter, you can increase your following on Google Plus by simply adding people to your network. You can search the platform for people who share your interests and goals or you can look for entire circles of people to add (much faster). This is a two-part process and you shouldn’t just be adding random people and then never interacting with them.

Adding People to Your Circles

There are three basic ways that you can add people to circles:

1. You can search for people using the search bar. Try using topics that people may have made hastags out of.
2. You can use Google Plus suggestions. This finds people who have added you to circles or people related to those you have already added.
3. You can also choose to find co-workers or classmates or add contacts from your gmail account.

Another cool thing you can do is add whole circles of people that may have been shared by others in your network. You can also search for shared circles on the platform and see if there are people relevant to your interests.

So, ideally people will see that you have added them to your circles and they tend to add you back. This may not be as effective if you are just going through and adding random people you find. Try and stick to people who you actually have an interest in following.


After you add people to your circles, you shouldn’t just leave it at that. Make a point to engage with the people that you have added. Plus one, comment and share their posts when appropriate. This will help expose you to others in that person’s network and who knows, you might just make a new contact for future business.

Those who do not reciprocate

Not everyone adds people back when they are added to circles on Google Plus. It might be that they aren’t paying attention or maybe they just don’t have an interest in following you. You can still manage to get these people to follow you by interacting with their content. If you are following them, their content will continue to show up in your feed.

Do the same thing that you are doing with the members of G+ that did follow you back. Plus one, comment, and share their content. After a while, they may see you as someone who is good to be connected with or if they weren’t paying attention to you, they may do so now.

This is a fairly simple tactic for growing your network on G+. Take ten minutes every day and look for people who would be good to follow. Interact with others that you are already following. Be genuine and offer thoughtful comments on people’s posts. You will find that others will reciprocate the gesture and your network will eventually grow.