Google Plus Hashtags for Lawyers

| April 29, 2014

Hastags are perhaps one of the most storied pop-culture phenomenon of the social media age. They are used in comedy skits to parody social networks and are common on integrated marketing materials. You can use hashtags on a lot of the major social networks now and this post is about how and why they are used on Google Plus.

What is A Hashtag?

Hashtags were around well before Twitter but it was the microblogging website where they first gained mainstream popularity. They can now be used on Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus. They act as a means to group and store information about a specific topic. As long as users are referring to the same topic and use consistent spelling, hashtags will work to do this.

Why Use Hashtags?

Hashtags on Google Plus can help people find more of your content and at the same time, help you get more exposure. Hashtags can:

• Link similar content to your posts
• Group your posts with other relevant content
• Help your posts show up in search for related terms

Attorneys Using Hashtags

Wallin & Klarich: A Law Corporation utilizes a hashtag when sharing a relevant story about veterans. By using the hashtag #supportourtroops, the post is grouped with other posts that use the same hashtag. If users click on the hashtag, they can view pages and pages of other similar posts. In this way, Wallin & Klarich is getting exposure to a lot of people outside of their traditional circles.

Matthew Dolman of the Dolman Law Group also frequently uses hashtags in his posts. Sometimes he uses them 5 or 6 times getting the post exponentially more exposure.

dolman law group

Hashtags are one of those ubiquitous things that not everyone understands. Before you make your next post, think about how you could get it more exposure or include it with similar topics by adding hashtags to words.