Google Plus Engagement for Lawyers

| November 06, 2013

(EDIT: As of 5/03/15 Google Plus has updated their platform and circle sharing is no longer available.  Obtaining more followers will now require the same types of engagement activities you would use on other social platforms.)


This is a continuation of “11 Tips to Grow Circles on Google Plus” Tip #1 – Engage, Comment, +1.

Engagement is an important part of building a brand online. What does that really mean though? Engagement is actually having a connection with your audience. It means more than just the number of people in your circles or how many posts you do every day or week. Its about how much interaction you get online and the quality of that interaction. Are people sharing your content? Are people commenting and having a conversation with you and/or your brand? Are you present and active in the world of social media?

We would like to take the opportunity to focus in on some individuals who are doing this well on Google Plus. The following attorneys are good at posting content on a regular basis that is relevant to their target markets. They have also done a great job of engaging with people who have in turn engaged with the content they have posted. The whole process for marketing a brand doesn’t really work when someone is trying to talk with you and they get no reciprocation.  There are many attorneys doing a great job but here are a few we would like to highlight.

+GabrielLevin attorney at The Levin Firm.

# of people who have him in circles – 5,012 (11-06-13)

Check out the example below of Gabriel engaging promptly with a comment on his post.


+BrianZeiger attorney at The Zeiger Firm.

# of people who have him in circles – 5,773 (11-06-13)

As a brand on a social site, your posts shouldn’t all be about you and in fact, you can have much more success engaging with your audience if you have a sense of humor. Check out how Brian does that below.


+JefferyLapin attorney at the Lapin Law Offices.

# of people who have him in circles – 6,737 (11-06-13)

Sharing other’s content is a great way to share the wealth on Google Plus. Jeffery Lapin does a good job of this by sharing content of others.


MatthewDolman attorney at the Dolman Law Group.

# of people who have him in circles – 5,537 (11-06-13)

Sharing content related to issues prominent in popular culture is a good way to drive more engagement on your posts. Matthew Doleman provides a good example of this with his post on texting and driving.

Matthew Doleman

+StevenSweat attorney at Steven M. Sweat, APC

# of people who have him in circles – 6,310

Mentioning others in your posts using their Google Plus profile names is an excellent way to get more exposure for your posts. People can see that you’ve mentioned them and (as in Steven Sweats case), they will thank you for it.


Marketing on social media is a two-way street. You have to interact with people in order to get more exposure and be successful in promoting a brand. If you are just out there pushing information about your company with little or no interaction (and content that is self-centered), people won’t care and will largely ignore what you have to say.