Family Law and Divorce Lawyer Directory List

| August 22, 2013

Directories have caught some flak from Google after being abused by SEOs but there are still some really great legal-related directories lawyers can submit their sites to.  Many people use search engines to find what they are looking for online and being listed in directories related to your practice area increases your exposure.  Directories also provide contextually relevant links.  We’ve highlighted directory lists for personal injury attorneys1 and we also wanted to point out some resources for family and divorce law practitioners.

(Note: If you know of a quality family or divorce lawyer directory not included in the list below please contact us here2 for inclusion.)


PR5 – iaml.org3  – The International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is an association of practicing lawyers set up to recognize attorneys practicing family law.  To join you have to pay a $100 dollar administrative fee, a $175 dollar initial joining fee and a yearly membership fee of $490 in addition to local chapter fees which vary by country (U.S. is currently $250 and Canada is $200).

Among other criteria for membership into the IAML , a candidate must have an international element to h/her practice and have been practicing for at least 10 years.

PR6 – aaml.org4 – Founded in 1962 in Chicago and currently has about 1,600 members across 50 states.  You must apply to be a fellow and you must be a practicing attorney for the past ten years.  The AAML site also has an extensive library of legal resource information for members and visitors.

PR5 – Family-law.lawyers.com5  -A niche specific LexisNexis site. They have quote based pricing so you have to talk with them before you get going.  Being a part of any LexisNexis directory is powerful for lawyers.  Not only do they get access to a wealth of information but the sites are very authoritative.

Often when you do a search for legal related phrases and terms, LexisNexis properties are the first to show up.  This makes them some of the first online resources that regular people find (and then find lawyers through).

PR5 – divorcenet.com6 – A niche specific NOLO site.  You must submit information for pricing.  NOLO profiles are a good way to get exposure online especially if you don’t have an enhanced web presence just yet.  You can enter keyword-rich information into profiles, links to your site and get found more easily by people.

Divorce HQ Dirrectory

PR4 – divorcehq.com7 – A web directory specializing in helping visitors find divorce lawyers.  Quote based pricing.  You can fill out a complete profile and another plus is that lawyers can submit their own articles to be published on the site.

PR4 – – Includes some extra services like Family Law Reports in listings.  Basic signup is free and there are also some premium options.  Lawyers can include video, link to their website, and there’s also an iPhone application.

PR3 – divorcedirectory.com9 – Only divorce attorney sites can be added.  The basic service is free although they offer other marketing related services.  Lawyers can advertise in a rotating banner at the top of the site for 3 months for 60 bucks.

PR1 – christianfamilylawassociation.org10 – Be a part of the Christian community of lawyers.  You can join as an attorney, a student or a paralegal.  Prices are $150, $15, and $50 respectively.  Benefits include continuing education, organizational newsletter that contains case law reports, and of course a listing on the site with attorney information and link.

PR1 – familylawattorneydir.com11 – It costs $19.97 per year to set up a new listing.  This is not a very popular directory but worth a look.  Note that the PageRank has increased since the first time we wrote about this directory.

There are lots of free legal directories12 and paid legal directories13 on the web and being listed in as many as you can is still a good way to get more exposure for your personal brand and for your firm.  Being listed in niche specific directories is an even better move.  Google is getting better at determining website relevance and being a part of industry specific websites may be a great way to improve your SEO.

Even though a directory isn’t extremely popular, it’s still good to be included because it’s one more place a lawyer’s name  can be found and a link placed.  Alone it may not be that strong but many different sites combined can have an impact on your rank in the SERPs.