How to Embed G+ Posts on Your Website

| March 31, 2014

Edit: 12/11/16 – Unfortunately, Google Plus no longer allows you to embed posts.

Did you know you can embed Google Plus posts in your website? Using a few simple lines of code, you can embed any post you want into a web page, blog post or pretty much anywhere. We’re going to show you exactly how you can embed your own G+ posts on your website.

You should be forewarned that there is a little bit of programming knowledge required however for the most part, it’s a copy and paste affair.

Types of Posts

You can only embed certain types of posts so before you go getting all excited about one, check to make sure it fits the criteria. Since the posts that are permitted can overlap with posts that are not permitted, we’ll just show the ones that are not permitted to be embedded. They include:

• Posts from within a community (including publicly reshared posts from a community).
• Posts that are restricted to a Google Apps domain
• Private posts
• Events posts
• Hangout on Air posts

Google doesn’t seem to provide a whole lot of information on why these post types are not permitted to be embedded although I would venture a guess that it has to do with privacy of others. For example private posts or posts with restricted audiences do not show up in public search results whereas public posts do.

Adding Posts to Your Site

Embedding posts is super simple. You can get crazy with it if you want by rendering posts dynamically or control the settings for individual embedded posts. We aren’t going to get that technical here. If you want to learn more about how to do those things, Google’s API documentation is very helpful.
The easiest way to embed G+ posts is to do it right from

1.  Visit the post you want to embed
2.  Click on the downward arrow in the top right corner of the post

Embedding Chris Dreyer's Google Plus Post
3.  Select “Embed Post” from the list of choices
4.  A snippet of code will appear that you can copy and paste onto your site.

A snippet of code for embedding a Google Plus post
How you embed the post on your site will depend on what kind of setup you have for your website. For WordPress sites you can embed them in the sidebar using the plain text/HTML widgets. You can also embed them directly in a post as we have done below.

If you have a site built without using a CMS, you may have to have your web developer embed a post for you unless you are familiar with how to do it on your own.