DUI Directory: BloodAlcoholCalculator.org – Guest Post by Curtis Boyd

| December 08, 2016

DUI directoryThis is a guest post by Curtis Boyd, the Director of bloodalcoholcalculator.org

I think we can all agree there is a shortage of meaningful places for Criminal Defense Lawyers to advertise. I’d like to introduce to BloodAlcoholCalculator.org – America’s #1 Free Online Blood Alcohol Calculator Tool. Some days we get over 10,000 unique BAC calculations per day.  Our audience loves to drink and figure out what their BAC might be. A few months ago a light bulb came on and I realized I should make a small marketing platform for DUI Lawyers – So I did!

In this article I will be discussing 3 beneficial reasons to considering joining our network.

#1 DUI Authority: If you google “ DUI Lawyer Directory “ you will see we rank #3, below ad’s that costs a hundred dollars per click. I did not expect that, so with all the incoming traffic I enabled a Google GPS plugin that will help a browser in our directory to zoom in on the closest DUI Attorney on the map to their location. We also incorporate NAP Data – Name, Address and Phone Number – along with website that helps establish a local presence.

#2  SideBanner Ad: We started an editorial that has been a huge success. I recently wrote an article about how I got 16,000 organic search visitors in 3 months on a single blog post. That being said, our articles get a tremendous amount of traffic, so we created a side banner advertisement to help our DUI Lawyers get even more local traffic. We put a IP Address router into our advertisement, so the browser is directed to a webpage of the closest advertising attorney. Specifically to an article related to how to talk to police officers when they are pulled over. I think we can all agree, most civilians have no idea how to talk to a police officer! So our advertisers educate themselves how to protect themselves, from incarcerating themselves

#3 Editorial Contributions: Not only does our staff write blogs and articles but also we allow our advertising attorneys to contribute content. Here are some reasons why writing articles on our site will help your firm.

  1. Search Engine Optimization. When Google see’s your websites link in our article, your website get’s a little +1 to it’s “score” – while there are a million factors that go into how you rank, do-follow backlinks are a great help!
  1. Local Website Traffic. Using your website as a source of knowledge for an article will get your website more traffic. Many browsers are looking specifically for local DUI laws for your city. By writing articles on our site, you can educate them and get yourself in front of people recently arrested for DUI. Here’s an example from one of our first advertisers.