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Chris Dreyer, Founder & Attorney SEO Expert
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Founder & CEO
Attorney Rankings LLC

Chris Dreyer

About Chris

  • Hometown: DeSoto, IL
  • Education: BA in History
  • Interests: Traveling, Food, SEO, UNC College Basketball, St. Louis Cardinals, Technology, Poker, Summer Weather

Internet Marketing Bio

When I founded Attorney Rankings, I had one goal in mind i.e. to provide Internet marketing solutions for law firms to help them obtain more clients, cases and revenue.

Caseloads, court dates, and ever-changing precedents are always a challenge to an attorney's daily calendar.

As a result, marketing the firm typically takes a backseat to the implementation of justice - but it doesn't have to be that way.

I began my Internet marketing journey sometime in 2004 working at a small high school in Southern Illinois when the allure of making money online took hold. In the time since, I have been developing the skills and acquiring the experience that have allowed me to build one of the premier Internet marketing agencies (Attorney Rankings) dedicated solely to attorneys and law firms.

We work with many accomplished law firms throughout the U.S. including Dolman Law Group, The Levin Firm, Albertson & Davidson, LLP and many more. I’ve contributed to top legal marketing publications such as Avvo, Legal Ink Magazine, Circle of Legal Trust, Law Marketing, and more. I also spoke at the Vegas Circle of Legal Trust Convention in 2015 and 2016 and I received the Best Speaker Award in 2015.

I have a philosophy passed down to me by my father, “You only play a game for one reason, TO WIN!” and I’ve applied that saying to everything I’ve done in my life. You didn’t put the time and effort into becoming an attorney to fail. Let’s talk.

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Internet Marketing Awards and Certifications

  • Google Adwords Certification - Specialization: Reporting And Analysis
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified Professional: - Honors Distinction
  • - SEO Certified Professional
  • - User Certification (Score 100%)
  • Quiz – Search Engine Optimization (Score 100%)
  • SmallLaw Pick of the Week – The Techno Lawyer Community

Speaking Engagements

  • Circle of Legal Trust: - 2015 (Best Speaker Award)
  • Circle of Legal Trust: - 2016

Other Random Accomplishments

  • Legend of 5 Rings CCG – 4 Kotei Winner. One of the top ranked players in the World.
  • 2011 Full Tilt Poker Tournament - 4th place out of 14,000 players. Earnings = $234,000
  • Black Diamond Basketball All-Conference - Captain
  • Published Author of 4 Books
  • BA in History Education

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