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Andrea Drake

About Andrea

  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Education: B.A. California State University, San Marcos
  • Interests: My Children, Philanthropy, My Ranch

Internet Marketing Bio & Experience:

I started in computers when the screen was the size of a piece of paper, the text was green, the modem was a phone cradle and Compuserv gave you access to the World. I would not say I was exactly over-the-moon with learning how it worked, like a programmer would be, but I was fascinated with the possibilities. As the WWW grew and websites started popping up, I became more and more interested in how people got to them. How did they find them? Why were some popular and some not? With that curiosity, I decided to help build a website and see if I could make it one of the websites people liked to go visit. The site was built but I had no idea how to get the word out so I took the only thing I knew and handed out business cards to people with the URL of the website printed on it. The cards, word of mouth, and then trade shows helped to fuel the success of that site. The site was an incredible success and continues to get a notable amount of hits, even though it has long since been removed. It was a great introduction into guerilla marketing and the start of my digital marketing transition. Since that first website, I have marketed dozens of websites. It was through IRC, ICQ, web forums, Yahoo Groups and Myspace that I learned how to grow a websites popularity. Now it is so much more; from SEO to social media and a lot of everything in between. I have done everything from handing out business cards and flyers to handling Fortune 10 company digital marketing campaigns.

I am one of the proud holders of the Google 5pecialist Certification. I also have certifications in: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Mobile, Google Shopping, Google Video Advertising, GAIQ, Google Display Advertising, Google Search, Hootsuite, Hubspot, Moz, and Facebook Blueprint. In addition, I am a paralegal and I am a certified and trained cardiology technician.

Personal Bio:

I am married to a mechanical engineer, Josh, and we have one daughter Chelsea and two sons, Josh and Jake. We live in Southern Arizona on a 12 acre ranch. We raise Great Danes (blues and blacks), peacocks, chickens, cats, rabbits, and a lot of whatever else falls into our laps. Everyone has a name and therefore, no one is dinner.

Other Random Accomplishments:

  • I got married on Halloween because it is my favorite holiday
  • I have been doing volunteer work since the 4th grade. I used to collect money to participate in the March of Dimes walks. I would walk alone for 20 miles every year and then go and collect the money to send to the March of Dimes.
  • I have been riding horses since I was a very young child. I then grew up and trained and showed my quarter horse for several years.
  • I was in the Adopt-A-Senior program at my high school. Every Thursday my friends and I would visit the local retirement home and just sit with people and talk. We ended up on Good Morning America and the front page of the local newspaper.
  • I used to be the Vice-Chair of a Social Services Advisory Committee. I got the ring the bell one year for the Salvation Army with my hairless cat, who was dressed in a Christmas coat, in my lap.