Anchor Text for Lawyers – Controversy, Importance and Responsibility

| August 08, 2013

anchor textLinking is an important part of attorney SEO. One of the best ways to ensure that you link relevant content on your own webpage is to add hyperlinks to your site. Adding these hyperlinks can be best done with anchor text. Anchor text helps to link relevant key phrases internally and externally.  Determining how to use anchor text effectively is a major part factor of successful SEO campaigns for lawyers.

The Controversy

There is a degree of controversy surrounding the use of anchor text in legal SEO. Anchor text has often played an important role in the process of SEO, but some attorneys and legal marketers have found ways to use anchor text in an irresponsible manner. These users have “forced” anchor text, usually through attaching links to keywords that are unnatural in the flow of the content’s context. As such, Google has kept close watch on  the use of this sort of “over-optimized” anchor text, handing out algorithmic penalties to those sites that misuse the linking process.

This has, unfortunately, led to the belief that anchor text might be rendered unimportant by future Google updates. In reality, penalties are not being handed out for well-crafted and well-used anchor text. Some site owners are wary of being caught using over-optimized anchoring techniques, but the majority of site users who carefully craft anchor text see only benefits.

Why Anchor Text is Important

With that in mind, it is wise to remember exactly why anchor text needs to be used on your website. Anchor text is still a huge part of how search engines rank your site. Those outbound links that you are using can help your website to become more relevant, thus better satisfying the algorithms that judge where your site ranks. If you link out to major legal authorities, for example, your anchor text can help you to climb up the ranking for the keywords related to those websites. In a way, anchor text is a way to humanize your best linking practices. Using good anchor text can help you rank higher in searches and help you to provide reader-friendly content.

Using Anchor Text Responsibly

Your goal is to use anchor text not necessarily sparingly but certainly responsibly. This means you must make the anchor text serve your content rather than vice versa. If you want to make sure that you get a particular link out in your text, take the time to plan your content and your anchor text in a manner that will allow you to make use of both. You can also help your cause by using variations of your anchor text rather than trying to fill an article with a particular phrase. Instead of using “accident attorney” repeatedly, you might want to mix in the phrase “injury attorney” or “personal injury lawyer” to help  streamline your anchor text. This text should be a useful part of your content, helping you to link out to relevant pages while staying readable for your clients.

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