Allen Muncy
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Allen Muncy

About Allen

  • Hometown: Valdosta, Georgia
  • Education: BA in Business (Marketing)--Summa Cum Laude
  • Interests: Travel, Economics, Reading

Internet Marketing Bio & Experience

Before joining Attorney Rankings, Allen was the Marketing Directory for Fowler & Company, an executive coaching firm focusing on Organizational Health.

At Attorney Rankings, Allen is the web development guru. That means coding in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and all those other acronym's no one other than web developers care about. He seems happy though, tapping away at his keyboard until fully developed websites come out the other end.

Personal Bio

When not developing websites, Allen can be found writing blogs, reading literature on Economics--because that's a totally normal pass time--and taking photographs. Between regular travel to new and exciting places, Allen and his wife Ivy live in Cary, NC.

Oh, he also happens to be both a Black Belt and an Eagle Scout, so there's that.