AddThis Pro – Recommended Social Sharing Tool for Law Firms

| June 04, 2014

Blogging has been a very beneficial business practice for me.  In fact it is one of the few things I do to generate buzz so it is really important that the content I put out there resonates well with my audience.  This concept is true for virtually any business out there including attorneys.

Recently I was afforded the very prestigious honor of getting early access to’s pro-tools1.  If you are not familiar with, they provide web-based software solutions to generate engagement with content.  They have been around since 2006 and their software is so popular that you have probably used it without even knowing it.

What’s New in Pro?

After playing around a little in the backend interface, it is clear that has results in mind for users.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics is new for both pro and free members and is super useful.  When I go to develop new content for the blog, I typically look at my Google Analytics dashboard to see which posts got the most visits and where people spent the most time on page.

I also sometimes use other tools2 (Google WMT, various browser plugins, etc) to try and determine which content worked well and what was ho-hum.  The analytics dashboard in takes a lot of the guess work and precious time out of that whole arduous process.

I can see which content is getting the greatest amount of activity and on which network it’s getting shared the most.  That’s very important to me because social and blogging are crucial for the exposure my business gets. analytics

Content Recommendations

This is one of my most favorite additions of AddThis.  As an avid blogger, you would not believe the challenge in getting people to dive deeper3 into your site and read other content.  There are numerous strategies from simply having categories in the sidebar of the blog to internal linking.

Those work well for the most part but nothing compares to having recommendations pop up that are tailored by an algorithm.  That is what AddThis does for your other posts or articles.  Among other scenarios, it displays suggestions based on the types of content visitors are reading and interacting with most.

You can also add posts manually to the CTA (Called the Content Drawer) that pops up if you want them to get more visits in a short period of time.  As an attorney if you have a time-sensitive post that needs to get a lot of attention, you can add it to the recommendations widget and it will show up in prominent places each time a visitor comes to the site and views a page where AddThis is active. content recommendations


Looking at these screenshots makes this all seem like a lot of work to install but it is all pretty easy.  You just have to add one snippet of code to your site and then all the rest is done through the dashboard.  You can add as much functionality as you want or take away functionality.  You can do it all without having to modify code each time.

For attorneys focused on marketing their services this is huge.  Having to go into a website each time to edit code or do complex tasks really takes away from the appeal of a particular tool. AddThis makes it really easy to do content marketing4 and not programming. tool gallery

Personalized Content

The free account lets you feature trending content but the pro version goes one step further with personalized content for your visitors.  For example if a law firm produced content related to multiple practice areas5, visitors that gravitated toward one form of content could get recommendations related to the practice areas they view content about the most.

The great part about personalized recommendations is that you do not lose visitors who come to the site looking for a particular kind of post or article but cannot find it because they have to wade through so much else.

You want more people to read your content because the more they read, the more engaged they become with your brand.  The more they do that, the more likely they are to leave a comment, share a post, or better yet – call you about representing them for their legal needs.