Adding a Google Plus Badge to Your Law Firm Website

Adding a Google Plus Badge to Your Law Firm Website

| July 15, 2015

A good way to showcase your brand, let people know you are active on a network and show how many others you are connected to is by installing a Google Plus badge on your website. Depending on your current setup, this is a pretty simple task to accomplish.

You can make a Google Plus badge for your brand if you have a business page setup on the platform1. Here is an example of the one on my website for Attorney Rankings.

And here is the example of my personal profile badge. You can also setup badges for community pages if you run a Google Plus Community.


Installing Your Google Plus Badge

1. Visit
2. If you are not logged into a Google account, by doing so this page should automatically populate a personal badge for you (note that you will have to create a Google account if you do not already have one). You can also select to enter a URL from the drop down menu under the Google + user option.

3. Once you log in or enter a URL, you should see an example of what the badge will look like.

4. You will notice that you can manipulate the way the badge looks including whether or not to show the cover photo, landscape or portrait orientation, whether or not to show the tagline, etc.
5. Once you like the way your badge looks, copy the code that appears underneath the example.

The steps above will be the same for everyone. Where it gets tricky is when you want to install the badge on your website. If you are a WordPress user, you can easily install the badge in your side bar from your admin back end.

1. Log into your WordPress back end
2. While there are many different themes out there, for the most part you will access your side bar by going to Appearance -> Widgets.

3. Once on your widgets page, simply select the Text widget and drag it to the location on your sidebar in the order that you want it to appear on the page. Paste the code in and bam, you’re done.


If you are using another CMS or have a custom built website the instructions above will not be of much use. For Drupal and Joomla users, try looking for a plain HTML module to place in an appropriate position on your pages.

For custom websites, you may have to consult your developer to get the code installed. If you feel comfortable making the changes yourself, placing the code on your pages should be pretty simple. Just make sure it does not interfere with other elements on the page. I have always felt the side bar is a good place to stick the badge but other good places would be an about page or a contact page.