7 Ways for Attorneys to Increase Conversions

| May 04, 2015

7 ways to increase conversions

Sometimes the smallest things can cause users to abandon a conversion process.  Forms that are too long, calls to action that are hard to see, lack of trust, slow load times and ambiguous processes are just some of the culprits that kill conversions.  Check out these 7 ways to improve conversions on your law firm website.

(Disclaimer: Be sure to check State Ethics Rules Governing Lawyer Advertising, Solicitation and Marketing1 to see if you are allowed to use all of these tactics for your particular state.)


Trust is big with visitors and if your site does not instill trust, you have lost a potential client already.  Testimonials from your current clients can go a long way toward establishing trust on your website and getting new visitors to pick up the phone, initiate a chat, or fill out a contact form.

Testimonials can be text or images but video is by far the most powerful.  When people can look in the eyes of your clients first hand and see that they have had a good experience it can be very powerful.  There is also a lot of new information on how consumers use social media2 and review-based websites to make purchase decisions.

Case Results

Talk about what you have been able to do for other clients.  Whether you won them money, got them justice, or helped them out of trouble, promote the heck out of that.  When people come to a site looking for help, they are not typically looking to hire an attorney.  Instead they are looking for results.  They are trying to avoid some kind of pain and they want to find information that can help them do that.  Lawyers who can show they have helped others look much better than those who cannot.

as-seen-on-tvAs Seen In – TV & Magazines

This may seem cheesy but it works (as long as it is authentic).  If you have run ads on TV or in publications, been on popular shows, or participated in some other notable form of media, reference that on your website.  Even if a visitor never saw the appearance of you, your firm or your ads, they will still recognize the brand of the media and that helps establish trust.

Awards and Accolades

If you have been awarded, nominated, inducted or otherwise honored in some way during your career as an attorney, broadcast that on your site.  Not only have you earned the right to do so but this is another thing that can establish trust.  Organizations like National Trial Lawyers, AVVO Top Contributor, Super Lawyers, BBB.org, etc are all good places to promote if you are affiliated.

Even if a consumer does not know what a particular designation or award means, there is still something triggered in their mind by the social proof.  It speaks to the credibility and competence of the attorney who earned the designation.

Prominent Contact Information

Do not make your users sift through your website to find your phone number.  It should be on every page, at every turn always ready to be punched into a phone.  Contact forms should be the same way.  For example having a contact form on your side bar for all or most pages is a good way to increase lead generation.

The point is that you should make it as easy as possible for someone to contact you right at the moment they decide they need an attorney.  On mobile all phone numbers should be click to call and in a prominent location on the page.

responsive-designResponsive Design

Mobile use now outpaces that of traditional desktop computing and Google recently mentioned mobile usability would be used as a ranking factor.  This is especially true when it comes to people looking for local businesses (like attorneys).  With content management systems being as advanced and easy-to-install as they are, there is no excuse to not have a responsive website.

Your visitors should have just as easy of a time navigating your site on a mobile phone as they do on a desktop computer.

Local Reviews

Getting reviews for your law firm3 is another form of social proof that can increase the chances a visitor will contact your firm.  Embed reviews on your site in some fashion so that people can see you are pleasant to deal with.  People will read reviews somewhere online so it might as well be on your website.

For the most part, increasing conversions is about establishing trust.  Trust can be broken in a lot of ways (some of which have nothing to do with your reputation as an attorney).  Having poor or confusing navigation, a site that does not work well or load fast, or a confusing layout all diminish a user’s trust just like a negative review.