5 reasons Why Attorneys Should Embed G+ Posts

| July 09, 2015

5 reasonsWe talked about how to embed G+ posts1 in a previous entry. Now we would like to talk about the reasons why embedding posts on your website can be beneficial.  Here are five reasons why attorneys should embed Google Plus posts on their website pages.

Highlight Interesting Conversations

Sometimes when you start a conversation on Google Plus, it takes off. There are posts that can get dozens of comments and showcase a spirited or entertaining discussion. You can embed that post and show it to people who may not have seen it otherwise.

You may also be able to come up with entire blog posts around a specific post on Google Plus. Perhaps there are pieces of advice from attorneys in other practice areas attached as comments.  Embedding posts also helps you continue the conversation off of the platform.

Get More Exposure for Your Google Plus Profile

Not everyone is on Google Plus and not everyone who has an account knows about you as an attorney. Embedded posts help those visitors see your presence on Google plus and enable them to connect with you (and give them reason to).  The content is also beneficial as a conversation continues to grow.  User generate content makes pages more active and creates more content for search engines to crawl.

Get More Shares, Plus Ones and Comments

Embedding Chris Dreyer's Google Plus Post

If you are following hundreds or thousands of people on Google Plus, you will undoubtedly miss a lot of content. Sometimes really active users cannot possibly see everything but if you embed posts on your site, you can increase the chances that your followers will see it instead of on Google Plus.

Users can interact with embedded posts so you can get comments, plus one’s, and shares right from within your website or blog. In effect your post is seen in other areas of the web besides on Google Plus.

Get More Followers

Another interactive feature of embedded posts is the follow button. JavaScript dynamically detects whether a visitor is following the person and they have the option to click the follow button right from where the post is embedded. Here again a person doesn’t have to be on Google Plus in order to do things like follow you.

Embedding Posts is Unique

Embedded posts on Google’s platform has been around for a little bit and we have been able to embed posts from other platforms like Twitter for some time. Even though these features have been available, not a lot of website owners do it.  There are also lots of other great ideas2 around the internet on why embedding Google Plus posts is beneficial for online marketing.

You can set yourself apart if you can find a way to use embedded posts creatively to engage your website visitors. As an attorney, it will help you stand out among the crowd.