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Local SEO for Attorneys

Attorney Rankings offers local search engine optimization (SEO) for law firms.  Local SEO is not to be confused with standard SEO practices.

The main purpose of local SEO for attorneys is to improve results for the local search results and Google Maps. These results are above the natural organic results and are accompanied by a letter and geographic listing.

Local SEO campaigns include optimizing a Google+ Local page (formerly known as Google Places) with correct elements necessary for high ranking results.  This also includes onsite optimization, the properties necessary to get seen locally.

Why is local SEO Important?

Google+ Local results display before organic results had have a higher click-through rate. When your law firm is found by location, clients are much more likely to contact you. One out of four searches on the Internet are location-based search queries.

Local marketing is different than traditional SEO (search engine optimization). Geographic citations that contain your business information such as your name, address and phone number play a very important role in ranking well in Google Maps.

Local Law Firm SEO Services Include:

• Optimization of Google+Local page
• Local directory & geographic citation submission
• Client review management
• Geographic image integration
• KML files
• GEO-tags
• Geographic video integration


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